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New Brunswick BioFlo 3000 Fermentor

New Brunswick BioFlo 3000 Fermentor

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  • Built-in gas mixer
  • Powerful fermentation agitation
  • Choice of 12 Interchangeable Vessels
  • Equipped with Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Chemostat operation
  • Tuneable P-I Values Optimize DO Control

Product Description

The New Brunswick BioFlo 3000 is a high performing laboratory fermentor, designed to aid in maximizing fermentation and cell culture outputs. This advanced bio processing system has the capacity to produce augmented yields of biomass or products expelled by any cell line including that of microbes, animals, insects and plants. Its range of features and available enhancement options highlight this model’s versatility in meeting the dynamic needs of research laboratories.

Feature-Packed BioFlo 3000

BioFlo 3000 laboratory fermentors ensure the reliability of results in every use. Built-in gas-mixers in every unit optimize dissolved oxygen levels for high-density culture. Opting for two-gas mixing allows for the automatic or manual blending of supplemental oxygen and air. The creation of air-oxygen and agitation control cascades is made possible with this configuration.

Foam and shear are regulated as the control system responds to difficult microbes. Users can perform four-gas mixing in cell culture to carry out different procedures. Air-oxygen-carbon dioxide and nitrogen are blended during the process and allows users to control the pH as well as the dissolved oxygen with utmost care and precision.

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New Brunswick BioFlo 3000 Fermentor Specifications

Drive Permanent magnet top-drive motor with high torque.
Readily removable without tools.
Range 50 to 1000 rpm5
Sensor Photo-optical encoder disk with a resolution of 1000 pulses/revolution
Control Microprocessor-based with PID
Impellers Six-bladed Rushton impellers standard. Other impellers optional
Indications Digital display in 1 rpm increments
Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR) 350 mM O2/L/Hr or more
(for fermentation applications only)
Range From 5°C above coolant temperature to 80°C ± 0.1°C, or
From + 4°C to 80°C with optional refrigeration system, ± 0.1°C.
Rapid temperature shift 6 of 1°C/minute (25°C-45°C)
Control PID with pulse-width modulation of heater and cooling water
Sensor Platinum RTD
2-Gas Mode Air and O2 metered to ring sparger in fermentation mode
4-Gas Mode Air, O2, CO2 and N2 for interactive pH/DO control in cell culture mode or
manual dosing of gasses for plant cell culture
Air Flow Thermal Mass Flow Meter (TMM) or Thermal Mass Flow Controller (TMC)
*electronic choice
Sparger Removable Ring Sparger
Inlet Filter 0.2 µm absolute filter cartridge interchangeable and repeatedly autoclavable
Setpoint/Display Range 2.00 to 12.00
Control Modes Fermentation: PID control of liquid additions.
Cell Culture: 4-gas interactive pH/DO control; and base addition with optional BioCommand software
Probe Select Ingold or Broadley James gel or Ingold liquid-filled probes
Setpoint Range 0 to 100% ± 0.1
Display Range 0 to 200% ± 0.1
Control Modes Fermentation: PID serial and parallel cascades to agitation and O2 gas, (and to air flow with TMC only).
Cell Culture: 4-gas interactive pH/DO
Communication Port Compatible with both EIA-422A and 232C standards
Recorder Output 4-channel output for pH, DO, temperature and agitation

New Brunswick New Brunswick BC-NBBF3000