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Molecular Devices VersaMax Absorbance Microplate Reader

  • Can be configured for filter-less flexibility
  • Wide Application Base
  • Powerful Data Analysis
  • Easy Validation and Testing

Product Description

The VersaMax™ Microplate Reader from Molecular Devices bridges the gap between the affordability of filter-based readers and the flexibility offered by monochromator-based systems. This reliable model allows for accurate wavelength detection in visible spectrum without the need for filters. As a result, assay flexibility is consequence-free.

Microplate Reader Highlights

Built around a grating monochromator, the VersaMax™ Absorbance Microplate Reader allows for the selection of up to two wavelengths at a time during absorbance detection in the visible wavelength range.

This model boasts of a patented multichannel optical design following a dual-beam spectrophotometer. Errors due to variations in light output are lessened with the use of VersaMax microplates. Users can take advantage of the high speed and precise readings of this eight-channel system and its 96-well microplates for single endpoint measurements. Users can also expect a consistent performance when processing kinetic assay data gathered over time.

Powerful Data Analysis

VersaMax systems come with leading data analysis and instrument control application software. This software can handle various analysis requirements, performing simple endpoint assays to complex kinetic assays that need custom calculations. Available for Windows and Macintosh users, the software meets the needs of all types of VersaMax users from novice to expert.

Utillize the VersaMax reader for the following:

  • Microbial Growth/MIC
  • IC50/LD50
  • Endpoint ELISAs/EIA
  • Cytoproliferation/Cytotoxicity
  • Colorimetric Protein
  • Kinetic ELISAs/Enzyme Assays
  • Bacterial Identification

Users can seamlessly integrate VersaMax Microplate Reader with the StakMax® Microplate Handling System through the software.

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Molecular Devices VersaMax Absorbance Microplate Reader Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D) 8.6 x 22.8 x 15 (in.)
22 x 58 x 38 (cm)
Weight 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
Power consumption < 250 watts
Power Source 100-240 VAC, 4A 50/60 Hz
Robot Compatible YES
Photometric Performance
Wavelength Range 340-850 nm
Wavelength Selection Monochromator, turnable in 1 nm increments
Wavelength Bandwidth 2 nm
Wavelength Accuracy +/- 2nm
Wavelength Repeatability +/- 2.0 nm
Photometric Range 0 to 4.000 OD
Photometric Linearity (405 nm) 405 nm (0 – 3.000 OD)
Photometric Accuracy < +/- 0.0006 OD +/- 1.0%, 0-2 OD
Photometric Precision < +/- 0.0003 OD +/- 1.0%, 0-2 OD
PathCheck Sensor Management Error < 5% compared to 1 cm cuvette
Microplate Read Times
Endpoint 12 secs
Minimum Kinetic Interval 9 secs
Temperature Regulation
Temperature Range Amb 4-45 C
Temperature Uniformity +/-0.5C at 37C, well-to-well C

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