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Molecular Devices ThermoMax Microplate Reader

  • Wide photometric range
  • Temperature-regulated
  • Thermal control and vertical shake
  • Microsoft Windows-based software
  • Automatic mixing
  • Five-second read per plate
  • Photometric and kinetic analysis mode

Product Description

The Molecular Devices ThermoMax is an efficient, temperature-regulated, 96 well microplate reader. With various on-board features and capabilities, the ThermoMax is ideal for use in modern laboratories involved in many applications.

The ThermoMax performs automatic mixing before a reading and between readings to ensure reliable and precise results. The Microsoft Windows-based software guarantees smooth operation as it includes single and dual wavelength read, kinetic readings, automix (shake), endpoints, blank patterns, as well as curve fits.

The ThermoMax microplate reader provides thermal control and vertical shake, perfect for kinetic readings involving growth curves at 5 seconds per plate. The system can perform readings in a photometric analysis mode as well as kinetic analysis at user-configurable kinetic ranges and intervals, run on-board and temperature regulation diagnostics.

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Molecular Devices ThermoMax Microplate Reader Specifications

Photometric Range 0.000 to 4.200 OD (340-750 nm)
Kinetic Read Time 5 second minimum between readings
Endpoint Read Time

6 seconds


Single wavelength, Dual wavelength, Kinetics, Range, Blank pattern

Standard Set of Filters 340, 405, 450, 490, 650. Additional filters are available.
Resolution 0.001 OD (340-750 nm)
Photometric accuracy 0.0022 - 3.3 Å; 0.5 second measurements at 350 nm
Light Source Tungsten halogen (25 watts)
Average Light Source Lifetime >750 hours
Calibration Self calibrating
Drift Zero due to digital signal processing
Optical Alignment None required during lifetime of instrument
Photodetectors Silicon (UV enhanced)
Filter Capacity/strong> Six
Filter Structure Three cavity interference filter with enhanced blocking
Reading Chamber Light-tight during reads and calibration
Control Panel 13 direct keys plus 7 shift key functions displayed on an easy-to-use touch membrane
Computer Interface RS232 (bidirectional control)
Printer Interface Centronics parallel
Microplate Carrier Accommodates standard 96-well microplates and filterbottom microplates
Photometric Stabilization
Temperature Set Point
Range: 15.0 to 42.0oC
Resolution: +/- 0.1oC
Repeatability: +/- 0.3oC
Accuracy: +/- 0.5oC
Regulation: +/- 0.3oC
Size 181/4 x 161/4 x 73/8 inches ( 47 x 41 x 19 cm)
Weight 27 lbs (12.3 kg)
Power Consumption
Line Voltage 100-120 VAC or 200-240 VAC
Line Frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature +15 to +40oC (+60 to 108oF)
Operating Humidity 0 to 85% (non-condensing)
Storage -20 to +65oC (-5 to 150oF)

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