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Molecular Devices SpectraMax 340 PC 384 Microplate Reader

Molecular Devices SpectraMax 340 PC 384 Microplate Reader

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  • Easy Assay Optimization
  • Can be integrated with Molecular Devices’ StakMax® Microplate Stacker
  • Comprehensive data analysis software
  • Equipped with monochromator filters

Product Description

The SpectraMax® 340 PC 384 Absorbance Microplate Reader from Molecular Devices provides the necessary tools for absorbance measurement in the visible range. Features showcased by this model include temperature control, a robotics-compatible interface and Data Analysis Software.

Every SpectraMax® 340 PC 384 microplate reader has an optical system built around a monochromator. Operators can conveniently select up to six wavelengths at a time for absorbance detection in the visible wavelength range of 340 nm - 850 nm. The narrow bandwidths used by the model increase measurement accuracy and linearity over a wide range of assays. Users can expect high precision and speed when reading 96- and 384-well microplates during endpoint measurements, kinetic assays and spectral scans.

The multichannel optical design of this SpectraMax microplate reader emulates a dual beam spectrophotometer. This unique design allows each sample to be measured directly on the plate. As a result, measurement errors due to variations in light output between optical fibers are eliminated, thus increasing the reliability of the data reported.

Equipped with the patented PathCheck® Path length Measurement Technology, this microplate reader is capable of transforming each microplate well to a fixed optical path length cuvette. Other system attributes include the temperature-independent normalization feature (to correct changing well volumes) and direct concentration calculation based on the absorbance.

The SpectraMax 340 PC 384 Microplate Reader is equipped with Molecular Devices’ leading data acquisition and analysis software. Seamless integration StakMax® Microplate Handling System is possible with the Data Acquistion& Analysis Software.

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SpectraMax 340 PC 384
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8.6 x 22.8 x 15 (in.)
22 x 58 x 38 (cm)
Weight 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
Power consumption < 250 watts
Power source 100-240 VAC, 4A 50/60 Hz
Robot Compatible YES
Photometric Performance  
Wavelength Range 340-850 nm
Wavelength Selection Monochromator, turnable in 1 nm increments
Wavelength Bandwidth 2 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 1nm
Wavelength Repeatability ± 0.2 nm
Photometric Range 0 to 4.000 OD
Photometric Linearity (405 nm) 0 to 3.000 OD
Photometric Accuracy
Photometric Precision
PathCheck Sensor Management Error < 5% compared to 1 cm cuvette
Microplate Read Times  
Endpoint 96 wells in 9 seconds
384 wells in 29 seconds
Minimum Kinetic Interval 96 wells in 9 seconds
384 wells in 29 seconds
Temperature Regulation  
Temperature Range Ambient + 4°C to 45°C

Molecular Devices Molecular Devices 340PC384