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Molecular Devices SpectraMax 250 Microplate Reader

  • Accurate quantitation and superior accuracy
  • Selection of up to 6 wavelengths per assay
  • Uniform microplate temperature control
  • Uniform microplate temperature control
  • Software for Windows and Mac/OS
  • Incubation and shaking
Product Description

The Molecular Devices SpectraMax 25 has an optical design that is the only multi-channel system that truly mimics a dual-beam spectrophotometer. Each sample has a discrete sample beam and reference beam so that each well is measured directly. The eight-channel system- consisting of 8 sample beams and 8 reference beams delivers both superior precision and speed of reading across the microplate. Up to 96 assays can be run at one time and users can perform spectral scans from 250 nm to 750 nm. Microplate data analysis software provides built in spreadsheet capabilities for easy data analysis.

Molecular Devices Molecular Devices BC-MDSMX250