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miVac Quattro Concentrator System

miVac Quattro Concentrator System

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  • Accepts four swing position microplate holder or disc rotors
  • Extremely quiet system
  • 40% faster than comparable machines
  • Large clear corrosion proof lid.
Product Description

miVac Centrifugal vacuum Quattro concentrator works around a very simple principle. As atmospheric pressure decreases the boiling point solvents reduce. When pressures are low enough solvents will boil and can be removed even at very low temperatures depending on the solvents used and the level of vacuum applied.

Samples are spun in a centrifuge and the g-force applied prevents the solvent from evaporating or ejecting material in an uncontrolled way.

The samples are placed inside the vacuum chamber. The rotor is spun The vacuum pump is switched on If required heat to spin concentration is required this can be provided by heaters in the centrifuge wall. If refrigerated condenser or cold trap is used the flow rate of the vacuum pump limits the speed of concentration.

The well designed miVac Cold Trap can be used to recover the waste solvent before the pump. This speeds up the whole process by maintaining a good vacuum in the sytem. miVac DUO Concentrators from GeneVac are extremely quiet and up to 40% faster than comparable machines . The miVac can accomplish this thanks to the high displacement pump. Performance can be improved further though the use of the miVac SpeedTrap refrigerated condenser. The large acrylic lid found with the miVac range allows you to monitor the drying process and has been treated with a coating to resist even the most aggressive chemicals.

The precision engineered system allows you to safely concentrate your sample or take them to complete dryness.

The DUO system accepts two position microplate holder or disc rotors for tubes and vials.

GeneVac miVac Duo System Specifications

Dimensions 14.2 x16.7x 11.8 inch
Max G Force 250
Vacuum Connection 0.5 inch
Weight 46.3I lbs
Temperature Range Ambient 30-80C

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