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Microm HM-500 M Cryostat

  • Universal micro/macro feed system
  • Modular design
  • Low-noise cooling system
  • Fast freezing station
  • Single, interval and continuous stroke operating modes
  • Integrated swiveling knife guard

Product Description

The Microm HM 500 M Cryostat is a standard, stainless steel rotary microtome cryostat. Featuring a universal micro/macro feed system and a user-oriented modular design, the system can meet the individual needs of any laboratory.

The Microm HM 500 M’s low-noise cooling system can bring the temperature of the work area down to -40°C. The fast freezing station can even go as low as -55°C with no frost on knife carrier, microtome or chamber walls. The unit comes with an automatic defrost timer, and digital indication of programmed defrost time and actual time.

Three operating modes are available for flexible capabilities, including single, interval and continuous stroke. This Microm cryostat uses a motorized cutting drive for vertical cutting movements and a cutting window for easy adjustment. The unit also features an accelerated return travel along with specimen retraction in return stroke.

Other features of the Microm HM 500 M include an integrated swiveling knife guard with fast clamping, a disposable blade carrier EC, an adjustable anti-roll guide, and a battery-powered backup system.

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Microm HM-500 M Cryostat Specifications

HM 500 M
Operating Temperature Range 0 C to +35 C
Storage Temperature Range -20 C to +50 C
Width 840 mm
Height 1120 mm
Depth 780 mm
Weight Approx. 117 to 204 kg

Microm Microm WS-MICROM500