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Microm HM 440 E Microtome

  • Ergonomic design
  • Reproducibility of difficult-to-cut specimens
  • Smooth sliding movement
  • Maintenance-free cross roller bearings
  • Automatic fine/trim-feed system
  • Motorized coarse feed system

Product Description

The Microm HM 440 E Microtome is an ergonomically-designed sliding microtome that guarantees superior performance with its high functioning and advanced features. It employs state-of-the-art electronic control systems and high-precision mechanics to achieve optimal section quality and reproducibility of even the most difficult-to-cut specimens. It can accommodate specimen sizes up to 80 x 60 mm, and can cut sections ranging from 1 to 100 microns.

Featuring extraordinarily smooth knife carrier movement, the HM 440 E Microtome offers fast, comfortable, and stress-free operation. Its maintenance-free cross roller bearings allow smooth sliding movement with optimal stability. The HM 440 also employs an automatic fine/trim-feed system to protect the knife and specimen by enabling specimen retraction during return travel.

The HM 440 E Microtome also enables continuous upward and downward travel of the specimen through a motorized coarse feed system. This system employs three different speed settings and multi-purpose button control, allowing fast adjustment of specimen and knife edge distance.

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Microm HM 440 E Microtome Specifications

Microm HM 440E Microtome
Section Thickness Range 1 - 100 μm
Resolution 1 μm for 1 - 10 μm
2 μm for 10 - 20 μm
5 μm for 20 - 50 μm
10 μm for 50 - 100 μm
Trimming Thickness Range 10 - 500 μm
Resolution   10 μm for 10 - 100 μm
20 μm for 100 - 200 μm
50 μm for 200 - 500 μm
Specimen Retraction during Return Travel 40 μm
Horizontal Knife Movement 200 mm
Vertical Specimen Movement (max.) 40mm

Microm Microm HM440E