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Microm HM 325 Microtome

  • Zero-backlash vertical specimen movement
  • Specimen retraction on return stroke
  • Fine orientation with quick-change function & zero-positioning
  • Knife carrier system with reduced number of levers

Product Description

The Microm HM 325 Microtome is a universal, multi-purpose routine and research system. Featuring high section stability and precision, the HM 325meets the demands of paraffin sectioning and manual hard sectioning requirements in biological, medical and industrial laboratories.

The HM 325 microtome offers a precision micrometer mechanism with removable setting knobs, making operation possible on either the right or left side of the instrument. For user convenience, the unit allows for section thickness range monitoring and zero-backlash vertical specimen movement. The HM 325also provides trouble-free ribboning of sections with the specimen retraction during return travel.

With a specimen fine orientation and zero positioning, the Microm HM 325allows precise alignment of the specimen. The quick-change function also provides fast and easy parallel alignment towards the cutting surface. For cutting, this Microm microtome’s knife carrier system offers a minimum number of levers that prevents confusion. With the horizontal precision guidance standard knives, tungsten carbide knives and disposable blades (low and high profile) can be used for individual applications. Moreover, all knife holders are equipped with a finger guard.

The Microm HM 325 Microtomeis designed with outstanding ergonomics with its patented, well-shaped knife carrier insertion. The entire work area is also covered by a large, removable section waste tray, which is very easy to clean. Additionally, the front area of the section waste tray is designed as an armrest.

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Microm HM 325 Microtome Specifications

HM 325
Trimming Automatic
Specimen Movement Vertical, retraction in return stroke
Section Feed 0.5 - 60 µm
Feed time for 2um 0.5 µm
Feed time for 10um 1 µm
Feed time for 20um 2 µm
Max Horizontal Range 28 mm
Vertical Stroke 64 mm
Capacity 1100 mL
Width 16.53 in
Height 19.29 in
Depth 11 in
Weight 50.7 Ibs

Microm Microm WS-MICROM325