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Mecasys Optizen POP Series UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Mecasys Optizen POP Series UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

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  • 2500 hours of guaranteed lamp life
  • Double Beam Results in a Single Beam System (ABM)
  • Large 7 inch touch Screen Display
  • Voice Guided
  • Fully Customizable Face Plates
  • Voltage Free
  • 4x USB 3x RS232 Connectivity Ports + Network
  • Software based on Windows CE System
  • Tiny Footprint
  • Up to 8GB of storage
  • Low Power Usage
  • Lamp Life Indicator
  • Quartz Coated
  • Soft Button Controls
Product Description

The Mecasys Optizen POP Series Spectrophotometer

Mecasys Optizen POP Series UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

The Mecasys Optizen POP Series takes UV/ Vis spectrophotometry to a brand new level in terms of design performance and functionality with band new features never before seen in the spectrophotometry market.Optizen POP Series Spectrophotometer

The Optizen POP UV/Vis Spectrophotometer is a single beam photometric system using both tungsten-halogen and power saving deuterium lamps. The tungsten – halogen lamp is guaranteed under warranty to provide 2500 hours or 2 years worth of useful life. The Optizen POP series spectrophotometer feature a convenient lamp life span gauge. This gauge clearly indicates when lamp changes are required.

Double Beam Results with a Single Beam System.

The Optizen POP series spectrophotometer is by no means limited by its single beam thanks to its ABM feature; ABM or Auto Blank measuring is a technology that takes a reference sample then makes a comparison at every measurement. This comparison minimizes errors and also provides the stability which you would normally expect from a double beam spectrophotometer.

Optisoft POP Powered by Windows CE

Optizen Spectrophotometer Powerful Color Touch Screen Controlled and Voice Guided!

Operation of the Optizen POP UV/Vis spectrophotometer could not be simpler thanks to the large 7-inch "pro-human" touch screen color display. Voice prompts then literally talk you through each step of your procedure. You can quickly and conveniently choose from a selection of commonly used of predefined standard procedures.

The Mecasys Optizen POP Spectrophotometer is built on the proven stability performance and power of Windows CE. 2GB of storage is available by default however you may opt for up to 8GB of memory should you desire.

This processing power and storage in conjunction with the Optizen POP's advances motor driven system allow you to multitask conventional sequential operations. The Optizen POP is a free voltage system. Power consumption can be improved by selecting the tungsten lamp only. The Mecasys Optizen POP Series minimizes on standby power consumption when it enters standby mode. The combination of the tungsten lamp and motor driven system can help reduce your carbon footprint by up to 19 KG (carbon dioxide waste) per year! As another measure to ensure stability Optizen POP features a temperature sensor in each of its 8-multi cell compartments. The 8 multi-cells are also a great feature in reducing the costs associated with your experiments.

Ultimate Connectivity

Optizen POP offers ultimate level of connectivity

The Optizen POP UV/Vis Spectrophotometer is ready to connect to as many as 4 peripheral devices via USB and up to an additional 3 devices via the RS 232C. As if those 7 devices were not enough there is an additional network port for live updates network diagnosis or connection to printer or other network enabled device. You can now easily connect your Optizen POP UV/Vis Spectrophotometer to a sipper system barcode reader peltier module and many other devices with this one small convenient spectrophotometer.

This level of connectivity is a first for any spectrophotometer currently on the market!

The Optizen POP is Smart Small and Totally Customizable

Mecasys Optizen POP series customizableThe Optizen POP UV/Vis Spectrophotometer is a beautifully modern sleekly designed; UV/ Vis Spectrophotometer with takes up almost no bench space. It has a tiny footprint of only 433w mm 381d mm 180h mm. Quartz over coating ensures that the units high- precision optics are protected from its moving parts and significantly improves the useful working life of the instrument. Furthermore the Optizen POP series of spectrophotometer features soft button operation and is fully customizable at a level again unseen in any other spectrophotometer currently on the market.

With the Optizen POP series spectrophotometer you can fully customize your unit by either choosing from one of the standard selectable cover designs or if you have more particular tastes simple create one of your own design!

Mecasys Optizen Pop Series Hardware Specifications

Photometric System Single Beam
Spectral Bandwidth < 1.8nm
Wavelength Range 190 - 1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy < +/- 0.5nm (at D2 Peak 656.1nm 486.0nm)
Wavelength Reproducibility < +/- 0.1nm
Setting >= 0.1nm
Slew Rate About 7800 nm/min
Scanning Speed Max 4000 nm/min
Photometric Range - 0.5 3.0Abs (with the nanoliter sell)
Photometric Accuracy +/- 0.005Abs (at 1.0Abs)
Photometric Reproducibility +/- 0.003Abs (at 1.0Abs)
Noise Level < 0.001A
Stray Light 0.05%T (220nm. 340nm)
Baseline Stability +/- 0.001ABS/h (at 550nm)
Baseline Flatness +/- 0.002 ABS (200-1100nm)
Light Source Tungsten-Halogen & Deuterium Lamp
Lamp Change Wavelength 340-410nm (Default 370nm) including auto position system
Monochromator Modified Czerny-Turner type with 1200lines/mm blazed Grating
Interface 4x USB 3x RS232C
Data Capacity 2GB with option for 8GB
Interlacing Printer Type Network Printer or USB (Supporting PCL)
Power Requirement Free Voltage
Dimensions 433(W) mm 381(D) mm 180(H) mm
Weight 8kg

Mecasys Mecasys WS-OPTIPOP