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LTi Multi-Wiper™ Nuclear Medicine Multi-Well Counter

LTi Multi-Wiper™ Nuclear Medicine Multi-Well Counter

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  • Comprehensive wipe testing with concise report in DPM
  • Available with 1234568 or 10 wells; choose a model to fi t your budget.
  • Automatically identify es isotope window where high counts fall
  • Pass/Fail based on user-programmable trigger levels
  • Heavy shielding for low background readings
  • Automatically calculates and reports MDA on each wipe test report
  • 4096 channel (12 bit) analyzer for precise isotope identification
  • Automatic linearity correction
  • Automatic DPM calculation with AutoSpect™ ( No sources needed)
  • Programmed for Schilling Plasma Volume GFR Red Cell Mass etc.
  • Exceeds all NRC and Agreement State Regulations for patient access areas
  • Tremendous labor savings
  • Very compact (occupies less than 20 inches of benchspace)
  • Very economical
Product Description

GMI now offers the The Multi-Wiper™ Nuclear Medicine Multi -Well Counter as an addition to our brand new product range.

Since 1983 LTI has been a leader in the gamma counter market. More leading laboratories worldwide have come to rely on the Genesys™ series due to its superior quality accuracy and day to day reliability. NOW with the Multi-Wiper™ series we bring our experience and track record to Nuclear Meidicine. Compact economical and custom-tailored for the needs of the nuclear medicine department the Multi-Wiper™ series is the obvious choice for any size department.

Performance you would expect from an expensive multi-well counter!

Wipe Test Library

The Multi-Wiper™ is designed to allow you to customize the software to suit your individual needs. Up to 16 wipe sets may be named each with up to 10 locations per wipe set. Furthermore you can even select which isotopes from the Isotope Library to look for in an particular location. Individual trigger levels may be set depending on wether it is a patient access area or not. All in all an incredible amount of customization is possible all designed to make day to day wipe testing fast simple and effective.

Keep it simple. Can you just walk up to the instrument and run a generic wipe? Absolutely! That is why we pre-programmed GENERAL into the Library. Choose General and run a wipe test. The counter reads in a wide window and identify es any isotope windows which exceed the preset trigger. The results are recorded as wipe#1 wipe#2 etc. Nothing to pre-program-just count and report.

Isotope Library

Up to 30 different isotopes may be programmed into the Multi-Wiper™. The counter comes pre-programmed with 17 which may be modified or deleted by the operator. Customize the window settings as you wish. Once the efficiency is either calculated from a known source or entered manually for a given isotope wipe test results will always be reported in DPM.

The detectors used in the Multi-Wiper™ are elongated. This design adds additional crystal mass below the well. This extra mass improves the “stopping power” for higher energy isotopes and makes it easier to count higher energies ( such as PET) effectively.

What about crosstalk at higher energies? The Multi-Wiper™ has a very unique feature called E-Lead™. E-Lead™ eliminates crosstalk between wells when high energy isotopes are counted. By using E-Lead™ counting even PET isotopes is not a problem.

System Diagnostics

The Multi-Wiper™ has the ability to test many of its parameters. This feature can be quite helpful in identifying potential hardware problems.Chi Square and FWHM tests check the system’s detectors and counting circuitry. System RAM test checks the memory to make certain that it is operating properly.

Auto Calibration performs a a detailed re adjustment of the entire system this includes a Detector Gain Adjustment High Voltage Setting and Lower Level Detector setting. By using the Auto Calibration detector aging and gain shifting can be compensated for Giving your counter a long maintenance free life.

Sample Report

An Example Wipe Test Report for the LTi Multi-Wiper™ Nuclear Medicine Multi -Well Counter

AutoSpect™ Efficiency Correction

Until now there have been two basic ways to determine DPM for wipe test samples:

I. Calculate the efficiency of the counter by using a known calibrated source of the isotope you are looking for (or use a “mock” standard).
II. Enter an efficiency value based on a “best guess”.

While either of these methods will produce results keeping calibrated sources for every isotope you use in the department is expensive and checking them regularly is time consuming. The second method of estimating the efficiency is questionable and not accepted by all regulatory agencies.

Laboratory Technologies Inc. now offers you a third option; AutoSpect™. Built into every Wiper™ Multi- Wiper™ and Multi-Wiper HE™ AutoSpect™ provides an accurate method for reporting wipe test results in DPM without needing calibration sources. AutoSpect™ uses known detector efficiency values at various levels across the energy spectrum. These values account for crystal thickness and well geometry among other factors in order to maximize accuracy. Armed with this data the Wiper™ and Multi-Wiper™ automatically determine the detector’s efficiency at any point on the energy spectrum. At the same time it allows the instrument to count and display spectra as they truly should appear unaffected by lower detector efficiency at higher energy. If you choose to use AutoSpect™ the photon abundance can be entered for each isotope in the library. Each isotope is unique so it is important to enter the proper number. The instrument comes pre-programmed with abundance factors for the most common nuclear medicine isotopes. You can add or adjust any values you wish.

AutoSpect™ applies the crystal efficiency determined by your isotope window as well as the photon abundance. Your Wiper™ or Multi-Wiper™ automatically converts CPM into DPM for all wipe test samples run with an AutoSpect™ enabled isotope. AutoSpect™ makes for truly simple accurate and automatic wipe test reports sure to please your regulatory inspector or RSO. Best of all it is already set up in the system; the user needs to do nothing more than count their wipes.

In- Vitro Test

The Multi-Wiper™ is programmed to run a variety of common in-vitro tests. From Schillings to GFR the software does the calculations automatically so all you need to do is count and report. Put away the calculator and let the Multi-Wiper™ do the work!

The Multi-Wiper™ generates comprehensive easy to read test reports. These test reports may be customized with the patient’s data by automatically accessing the patient library.

Patient Library

The Patient Library is designed to store up to 32 patients. Once these patients and their related information have been keyed in this data works in harmony with the In-Vitro Test section of the software.

When you begin to run a test such as schillings the counter software will ask if you wish to use a patient from the Library. You may then select which patient to use or by-pass the Library. If you choose a patient from the Library their data will be automatically entered into the test report.

If you choose to by-pass the Library the report will print out blank lines next to the various information fi elds such as patient name. The blank lines are designed to allow you to hand write the information onto the report.

LTi Multi-Wiper Nuclear Medicine Multi Well Counter Specifications

Detectors Well-type NaI(tl) crystals coupled to a high gain PMT
Analyzer 4096 channels MCA 0Kev - 1Mev range automatic dead time correction.
Well Liner Removable plastic well liners prevents detector contamination
Display LED backlight 4.5” LCD (11.25cm)
Shielding 0.85” (22mm) virgin lead shielding with Elead to eliminate crosstallk with high energy isotopes.
Software Designed specifi cally for the NUCLEAR MEDICINE laboratory: Schilling Plasma Volume Red Cell Mass GFR CPM Counter Comprehensive Wipe Testing.
Dimensions 1-5 well: 18”(46cm) x 10.5”(27cm) x 13.5”(34cm)
6-10 well: 20”(51cm) x 10.5”(27cm) x 13.5”(34cm)
Weight 1-5 /6-10 well 67-75 lbs. (30-34 kg)/ 84-90 lbs. (38-41 kg)
Electrical 110/120 50/60 hz or 220/240 50/60 hz

LTi- Laboratory Technologies, Inc. LTi- Laboratory Technologies, Inc. ltimw