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Leica TP1020 Tissue Processor

Leica TP1020 Tissue Processor

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  • Carousel type with 12 stations
  • Infiltration time separately programmable for each station
  • Delayed start function up to 9 days
  • Possibility of interrupting an automatic process for reloading or removing cassettes for special applications before the end of a run
  • Easy editing and changing of programs, even during a processing run
  • Option of two basket loading
  • Metal tissue baskets with varying capacities of up to 100 cassettes
  • Advanced safety concept - Audible alarms, error messages and warning codes

Product Description

The Leica TP 1020 is a semi-enclosed tissue processor that is the perfect combination of proven technology and modern, functionally enhanced design. Gentle specimen processing and maximum safety at all stages of processing are the result of robust engineering design based on proven and precise mechanics in conjunction with a modern user interface.

The TP 1020 tissue processor offers tissue infiltration under vacuum which can be applied to any of the stations both in manual and automatic operation. This feature substantially improves tissue infiltration in a shorter time. Instruments with the vacuum feature are equipped with anodized aluminum containers.

Reducing any exposure to hazardous fumes, the Leica TP 1020 processor guarantees operator and specimen safety. The instrument variation with fume control system offers two options for removing solution fumes. The Leica TP 1020 protects the tissue specimens from drying out even during a power failure since the tissue baskets are automatically immersed in a station.

The Leica TP 1020 tissue processor offers a user-friendly, easy-to-use control panel. The buttons of the control panel are arranged in functional groups. The easy-to-read LCD indicates the station parameters such as number of tissue baskets, vacuum function and remaining infiltration time, real time, start time (delayed start), overall duration and end of run time. Each of the nine programs can be run with immediate or delayed start.

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Leica TP1020 Tissue Processor Specifications

Electrical specifications  
Nominal voltage 100 / 120 / 230 / 240 V AC ±10%
Nominal frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Carousel lid 820 mm
Height 595 – 780 mm
Diameter of rollers 610 mm
Dry weight (including accessories) 60 kg
Wax baths  
Number 2 (3 optional)
Capacity 1.8 l
Temperature range 45 °C – 65 °C
Excess temperature cutout 75 °C ± 4 °C
Reagent containers  
Number 10 (9)
Capacity 1.8 l
Standard tissue basket  
Number 1 (2 optional)
Capacity max. 100 cassettes
Number 9, freely selectable
Programmable infiltration time per station 99 h 59 min
Delayed start 9 days
Drain time 60 s
Vacuum device (depending on the configuration)  
Number 9, freely selectable

Leica Leica WS-LEICA1020