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Leica CV-5000 Cover Slipper

  • Self-contained, automated cover slipper
  • Convenient batch or single slide mode
  • Flexible mountant type control for volume and flow rate
  • Automatic detection for broken coverslips
  • Efficient fume control system

Product Description

The Leica CV5000 is a fully automated, high volume glass cover slipping instrument. Featuring high throughput capability, the CV5000 can perform the cover slipping of several hundred slides per hour. A versatile device, this Leica model can process both standard glass slides and glass coverslips.

Easy operation and high safety standards for both operator and specimen are the most cited benefits of the Leica CV5000 cover slipper. The entire instrument can be operated by only three push-buttons, and its simple loading and unloading mechanisms provide easy access.

With the CV5000 cover slipper, slides can be processed on an assembly line with precise and reproducible results. A wide range of resinous mountants are also available for the cover slipper to optimize both volume and flow rate. The coverslip laydown is accurate and bubble-free, and a special sensor detects and removes any broken coverslips. Additionally, the Leica CV5000 fume control system incorporates an activated carbon filter and can be connected to a fume exhaust system.

Offering convenient, precise and bubble-free coverslipping, the Leica CV5000 cover slipper and its accessories can function as a stand-alone unit, or be used in combination with the Leica Autostainer XL as an integrated staining/coverslipping station. This cover slipper can be also be modified to accept Sakura slide stainer racks.

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Leica CV-5000 Cover Slipper Specifications

Throughput 400 slides per hour
Operation Batch or single slide mode
Coverslip Size 24 mm x 50 mm or 24 mm x 60 mm
Weight 132 lbs
Length 26 in
Width 25 in
Height 20 in

Leica Leica WS-LEICA5000