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Leica CM3000 Cryostat

  • Motorized flywheel
  • Motorized specimen advance and retract
  • Dual temperature control for the cabinet and the specimen
  • Adjustable cutting window
  • Modular design

Product Description

The Leica CM 3000 cryostat is a remarkably versatile cryosectioning system. Designed to meet a broad range of individual customer sectioning requirements, the CM 3000 is a truly modular cryostat model.

The Leica CM 3000 system features a motorized flywheel, as well as a motorized specimen advance and retract capability. A dual temperature control for the cabinet and the specimen, and adjustable cutting window are also some features that make the CM3000‘s versatility.

Operation of the CM3000 is made smooth and easy with its modular design and programmable trimming. Highly sophisticated standard electronics engineering are also priorities in the construction of this Leica cryostat.

Along with a 2045’C stainless steel rotary microtome, the Leica CM3000 offers a sectioning thickness of 0.5-60 microns and specimen temperature control down to -55’C. Research grade, open top cooling is possible via two separate refrigeration systems in the CM3000 system with specimen cooling. Additionally, three sectioning modes are available in the system.

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Leica CM3000 Cryostat Specifications

Antiroll Device Yes
Power Needed, VAC 100/120/208/230
Hz (Operating) 50/60
Microtome Type Rotary
Knife Protection (Refrigerated Chamber) Yes
Displays (Staining Posts) Actual and preset temperatures, time, motor speed, retract, defrost time, home/stop, E-stop
Dimensions of Display (H x W x D) 104 x 88 x 77 (cm)
Weight of Display 180 kg (397 lb)
Cooling Cooling compressor (1 or 2)
Temperature (Refrigerated Chamber) 0 to -40 deg C
Lighting Fluorescent lamp
Defrost Automatic
Cutting Thickness 0.5 µm
Increments (Refrigerated Chamber) 2-60/1,60-210/5, 0.5-2/0.5 (µm)

Leica Leica WS-LEICA3000