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Labsystems Fluoroskan II Fluorescent Microplate Reader

  • Display up to 16 alphanumeric characters in the digital screen
  • Expansive range of built-in software
  • Instrument performance includes several operations

Product Description

The Labsystems Fluoroskan II Fluorescent is a microplate reader crafted to answer the most discriminate needs of any research and clinical laboratory. This high performing model is an advanced 96-well microplate flurometer designed to read fluorescences from black or opaque fluoroplates. In certain instances, transparent plates may be used.

Common tests that can be administered with Fluoroskan II units include those utilized in newborn screening, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) determination, T4, phenylalanine, galactose, and biotinidase deficiency. This Labsystems model can also obtain accurate immunological, microbiological, biochemical and enzyme activity measurements. Fluorescence light measurement is done performed by the unit at a narrow angle.

The Fluoroskan II Advantage

Researchers can expect utmost flexibility from the Fluoroskan II. Multiple positions of the emission and excitation filter wheels as well as filters situated on both components allow for this advantage. Having both the excitation light source and the detector of emission light above the microplate also contribute in providing reliable outputs. These measured values can be viewed from the built-in alphanumeric digital display that can show up to 16 characters at a time.

Capable of individually carrying out tasks, the LabSystem’s Fluoroskan II is equipped with extensive software that operates on a windowing environment. This easy-to-use software efficiently facilitates data collection and analysis.

Operations included in instrument performance are calculation selection, several blanking possibilities, measurement time selection, and temperature selection.

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Labsystems Fluoroskan II Fluorescent Microplate Reader Specifications

Light Source XENON lamp
wavelength range from 270 nm to IR power
consumption about 40 watts
Detector Photomultiplier tube
wavelength range 200 – 800 nm
Excitation wavelength range 320 – 700 nm
Emission wavelength range 390 – 800 nm
Allowable temperature range of the environment when measured + 10

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