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Lab Companion SK-71 Benchtop Shaker

  • Select between orbital or reciprocating actionMaximum orbit size: 70mm dia. (2.8” dia.)
  • Speed range: 10 to 300 rpm
  • Programmable shaking motion
  • Run time: 10 sec to 999 hr 59 min 59 sec
  • Forward & Backward Pause: 10 sec to 59 min 50 sec
Product Description

Lab Companion SK-71 shakers (open air) from GMI

GMI is proud to offer our range of brand new Lab Companion Incubating and refrigerating benchtop shakers as part of our brand new range.

Lab Companion SK-71 shakers (open air) from GMI

Lab Companion refrigerating and non refrigerating benchtop incubators shakers and shakers can perform a number of general applications including molecular biology plant and animal cells culture fermentation (pharmacy and biotech- DNA and Enzymes hybridization studies environmental technology (waste water and soil analysis) medical research special chemical production generic research and drug discovery protocols and microbiology (food and public health aids).

All Lab companion shaker models perform dual- action orbital and reciprocating motion in one unit. Simply interchange the motions by converting the way of platform connection. Lab Companion's multi-function shaking system allows intensive multi-function shaking system which surpasses all previous leads of experience! You can multi-set the shaking motions in a maximum of six ways of Forward/Backward/ Pause/ Mix and match upon your various laboratory process.

Lab Companion allows for convenient and unique shaking functions. Lab Companion shakers always stop at the same position even though operators stop the unit any position that allows for semi-automated sampling or dosing to be added without manual setting every time.

These sensitive shaking systems also give a very stable low speed shaking motion between 19 through 25 rpm the 10 rpm would be used extensively for low damage biological mixing tests and cells cultivation.

The SI model range of digital incubating/ refrigerating benchtop shakers combines a benchtop incubator /refrigerator with dual- action in orbital and reciprocating shakers. The units fulfill a variet of molecular biology general incubating and cell culture applications. These Digital incubating/ refrigerating benchtop shakers are available in a number of models each with primary variation in dimensions and size.

  • SI-300 incubating benchtop shaker
  • SI-300R refrigerating benchtop shaker
  • SI-600 incubating benchtop shaker
  • SI-600R refrigerating benchtop shaker

All models feature brushless DC motor for long maintenance- free operation and high velocity fans to ensure rapid thermal recovery and excellent uniformity.

  • 5℃ above room temperature to 60℃ for SI-300 600 15℃ to 60℃ for SI-300R 600R
  • Uniformity ±1.0℃ at 38℃ (based on various conditions)
  • Micro-processer PID control/ Auto-tuning/ Calibration
  • Digital timer: 1 min to 99 hr 59 min delayed ON/ OFF
  • Over-temperature limiter/ Door opening alarm
  • Digital LED display for temperature (0.1℃ resolution) speed and shaking motions
  • 3 different temperature values memorable
  • 9 steps of temperature profiles programmable and repeat up to 200 cycles
  • Adjustable fan speed within 3 steps
  • RS-232 interface available

Lab Companion SK-71 Benchtop Shaker Specifications

Shaking System
Motion Type Orbital or Reciprocating motion selectable
Frequency 10 to 300 rpm
Timer Run time: 10 sec to 999 hr 59 nub 59 sec Forward and Backward Pause: 10 sec to 59 min and 50 sec
Orbit Size (mm dia) 30 40 50m 60 70 dia. mm (1.2 1.6 2.0 2.42.8") Available/ Standard -30 mm dia.(1.2" dia.)
Recip stroke lenth (mm) 30 40 50m 60 70 dia. mm (1.2 1.6 2.0 2.42.8") Available/ Standard -30 mm dia.(1.2" dia.)
Platform (WxL) 29.7" x 18.9"
Internal Volume -
Overall 32.3" x 24" x 6.7" 1.9 cu ft
Net Weight 110 Ilb
Electrical Requirements (230V) 50/60 Hz 0.2A
Electrical Requirements (120V) 50/60 Hz 0.4A

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