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Lab Companion SI-600 Benchtop Shaker

  • Digital timer
  • Over-temperature limiter
  • Door opening alarm
  • Digital LED display for temperature
  • 3 different temperature values memorable
  • 9 steps of temperature profiles (programmable)
  • Adjustable fan speed within 3 steps
  • Micro-processer PID control/ Auto-tuning/ Calibration

Product Description

The Lab Companion SI-600 is a non-refrigerating benchtop shaker used for a wide variety of applications such as plant and animals cells culture, drug discovery protocols, fermentation and hybridization studies, and medical research. As part of the SI model range, the SI-600 combines the capabilities of both a benchtop incubator/refrigerator and a dual-action orbital reciprocating shaker.

Designed as a sensitive shaking system, the SI-600 shaker gives a very stable low speed shaking motion. Also, this reliable system stops at the same position, allowing semi-automated sampling or dosing to be added without manually setting the unit every time.

The system features a multi-function shaking system which allows the user to multi-set shaking motions in a maximum of six ways, depending on the needs of various laboratory processes.

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