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IL ACL 100 Coagulation Analyzer

  • Fully automated system
  • Clotting assays include Lupus and APCR-V Leiden
  • PT and Fibrinogen throughput at 110 tests per hour
  • Minimum maintenance required

Product Description

The IL ACL 100 Coagulation Analyzer is a fully automated system from Instrumentation Laboratory. This clot-end point analyzer makes use of the most advanced coagulation technology available to small and specialized laboratories. The coagulation analyzer runs clotting assays including Lupus and APCR-V Leiden.

This ACL 100 coagulation system is an affordable solution for low volume workloads or as a backup analyzer. Increase result reliability and procedure productivity with every ACL 100 unit. Take advantage of this model’s superior technology for utmost precision in coagulation analysis.

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IL ACL 100 Coagulation Analyzer Specifications

Parameters 9 assays
Throughput 110 PTs/hour
Method Photometric
Open system Open
W x D x H 30X25X18 inches / 75X63X45 cm
Weight 114 lbs / 52 kilos

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