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IL 682 Co-Oximeter System

  • Compatible with capillary tubes
  • Adapters not required
  • Virtually eliminates contact with probe
  • Allows for non-human samples
  • Self-cleaning probe

Product Description

The IL 682 Co-Oximeter System from Instrument Laboratory is designed for rapid and accurate co-oximetry analysis. The IL 682 Co-Oximeter accepts capillary tube samples without the need for adapters. This easy-to-operate model significantly reduces contact with the probe, and automatically stops when it comes to biohazard safety.

Capable of fetal and adult testing, this system allows for the use of non-human samples as well as the entry of six user-defined coefficient sets for research purposes. IL 682 systems are also equipped with a self-cleaning probe which ensures the fast start-up and continuous run of the system.

The IL 682 has been regarded as the gold standard in co-oximetry instruments for years. This instrument is accurate and quick to produce results for your applications.

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IL 682 Co-Oximeter System Specifications

Description LCD, alphanumeric
H x W x D 42 x 29 x 43 (cm)
16.5 x 11.4 x 17 (in.)
Weight 17.2 kg (37.9 lbs.)
Energy Requirements
Power 100/115/220/240 (V AC)
W 130
Hz 50/60
Optical Methodology Photometric measurement
Wavelengths 535, 585, 594, 626, 638, 667 (nm)
Specimens/Hr 60
Specimen Volume 65 uL
Sample Hemolysis (range, accuracy) Diluent/fluid injection
Sample Interference Corrections Turbidity and fetal Hb correction
SHb detection
Calibration Automatic zero, tHb
Alarms Automatic, grouped in various levels
Illumination Source Thallium/neonhollow-cathode lamp
Range and Accuracy
Thb, g/dl (range, accuracy) 5-20, 0.2, 0.3
O2hb, % (range, accuracy) 0-100, 0.5, 1 1
Hhb or rhb, % (range, accuracy) 0-100, 1.5, 3 1 Accurate within 10% of relative MetHb value.
Cohb, % (range, accuracy) 0-100, 0.5, 1 1 Percent of full-range value.
Methb, % (range, accuracy) 0-10, 0.5, 1; 10-100, 1, 10 2 Percent of full-range value.
O2 content, ml/dl (range, accuracy) Limits set by tHb and O2Hb ranges Percent of full-range value.
Display so2/%o2hb (range, accuracy) Simultaneous
So2% ((range, accuracy) Limits set by tHb and O2Hb ranges
O2 capacity, ml/dl (range, accuracy) Limits set by tHb and O2Hb ranges

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