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IEC Minotome Plus Cryostat

  • Updated cabinet with membrane control panel
  • Forward and reverse specimen arm movement - manually or via motor drive
  • Spacious convection-cooled chamber
  • Motorized specimen advance and retract for speed and convenience
  • Microtome positioned for the standing technician
  • Automatic and manual defrost modes
  • Intuitive and glove friendly control panel

Product Description

The IEC Minotome Plus is an automatic cryostat with the same proven Minot microtome technology. The system carries an easy-to-use motorized specimen advance-and-retract feature which offers the ultimate speed, convenience and safety. This cryostat also keeps operators’ hands out of the chamber entirely, except when placing the specimen on the holder or adjusting the micron setting.

The Minotome Plus, with its inset sides and steeper front, is designed to increase user comfort and overall productivity. It features cool-down to -30°C with accurate temperature control at the knife edge. A knife safety guard offers the operator further protection from injury. Included is a -40°C quick freeze plate which accommodates numerous samples and has convenient temperature readout. The cryostat offers automatic and manual defrost modes.

The IEC Minotome Plus includes knife guards, heat extractor and anti-roll assembly. Additional accessories include disposable blade holder, heavy-duty disposable blades, two specimen plates (concentric circle and cross-hatched, 26 mm), lubricating oil, freezing spray, freezing medium, dyes for specimen samples, 3 brushes ( 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” W bristles), specimen holder shelf and protective mat.

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IEC Minotome Plus Cryostat Specifications

Section Thickness 2 - 42 m
Thickness Increments 2 m
Temp. Control Range Ambient to -30°C
Chamber Cool-Down Ambient to -20°C in 60 min.
Heat Output 2000 Btu/hour
Section Thickness 2–42 µm, in 2 µm increments
Shipping Weight 159 kg (350 lbs.)
Temperature Control Range –30°C (–22°F) to ambient, in 1°C (1.8°F) increments
Unit Weight 122 kg (269 lbs.)
Dimensions 114.3H x 64.7W x 68.5D cm (45 x 251/2 x 27")