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HP G1000A Protein Sequencer

  • Complete automated chemistry and analytical system
  • System controller provides coordinated single-point control
  • Bi-directional flow reagent delivery system
  • Sequence can be obtained from less than 10pmol initial yield
Product Description

Automated Edman chemistry is performed on a Hewlett Packard G1000A Automated Protein Sequencer. The G1000A is a complete automated chemistry and analytical system for amino acid sequence analysis of protein and peptide samples in picomole to nanomole amounts. The system is composed of the G1000A Protein Sequencer an on-line PTH-amino acid analyzer based on the HP 1090M HPLC and a system controller for coordinated single-point control.

The Hewlett Packard G1000A Automated Protein Sequencer performs automated Edman sequencing chemistry on a miniature biphasic C18 resin-packed column sample support. The reagent delivery system includes a bi-directional flow path facilitating the design of chemical methods that exploit the surface properties of the column packing material and the polarities of the reagents solvents and sample.

Optimal sample amount is in the range 20 - 100 pmol although sequence can be obtained from less than 10 pmol initial yield. Some researchers have achieved over 100 residues have been sequenced from some purified native proteins with the later amino acids identifiable at the subpicomole level

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