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HP 4500 ICP MS System

  • Data System with G1821C HP compatible data analysis software
  • Integrated Chiller
  • Very low random background and high sensitivity
  • HP’s 'ShieldTorch' system
  • Less infrastructure cost
Product Description

The HP 4500 ICP MS System was the first benchtop ICP-MS. It has a new type of optics system that results in a very low random background and high sensitivity making analysis down to the subnanogram-per-liter (parts-per-trillion) level feasible. It can be and is often equipped with HP’s 'ShieldTorch' system which reduces interference from polyatomic ions. As a benchtop unit your purchase of a HP 4500 will require far less infrastructure cost when you budget for facilities costs to support this instrument. GMI has a factory trained Agilent / HP ICP engineer on staff so you know your purchase and installation will go smoothly.

"The wide dynamic range of ICP-MS" the researchers write "measures concentrations ranging from ppm to ppt with great ease and accuracy reducing the need for multiple runs down to a single assay. The sensitivity of ICP-MS is so high that only very small amounts of sample are required to obtain a complete trace metal characterization including isotopic ratio information. Indeed" they continue "detection levels have become so low that the limits of detection are no longer defined by the instrument but by the impurities present in the reagents and containers"

Another unique advantage of ICP-MS is that the operator does not require a priori knowledge of the elements present in the sample. The instrument can provide a complete qualitative analysis in a single run. Once all the elements have been identified the analyst can concentrate on quantifying those elements that will provide the most significant information.

When you purchase an instrument from GMI you not only get consultative sales support before you purchase but GMI includes installation and a warranty!

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