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HORIBA ABX Pentra 60 Hematology Analyzer

  • Highly compact and cost-effective
  • Micro-sampling from whole blood (CBC : 30 µL - DIFF: 53 µL)
  • Cytochemistry, Impedance & Optical - DHSS Technology
  • Perfect homogenization of blood samples with reagents - MDSS Technology

Product Description

The HORIBA ABX Pentra 60 is an affordable, compact hematology analyzer most suited for small facilities such as laboratories and physician offices. Offering complete CBC 12 parameters including histograms and complete 5-part differential, the Pentra 60 analyzer provides full diagnostic access to the hemotological status of the patient in less than a minute.

The Pentra 60 hematology analyzer offers quiet operation and uses focused flow impedance, cytochemistry and light absorbance measurement (DHSS technology). The HORIBA model uses only 53µL of sample for the analysis of five diff combining with five reagents, and 30µL for CBC combining with only three reagents. Furthermore, the Pentra 60 uses liquid membrane values which eliminate the need for the operator to change the unit’s tubing. With no compressor, this HORIBA ABX analyzer reduces the number of pneumatics on board.

Other features of the HORIBA ABX Pentra 60 analyzer include 48-hour post-draw stability, a throughput of 60 samples/hour (CBC/CBC+5DIFF), and alphanumeric patient ID or optional bar code reader. Designed with a “zero maintenance” concept, this hematology analyzer has only 4 reagents on board + 1 Diluent and CN-free Lysis if required.

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HORIBA ABX Pentra 60 Hematology Analyzer Specifications

Samples 60 samples/hour (open or closed tube)
Parameters (26) WBC, NEU# & NEU%, LYM# & LYM%, MON# & MON%, EOS# & EOS%, BAS# & BAS%,
Graphs High-definition LMNE color matrix PLT, RBC, WBC/BAS curves
Volume CBC mode: 30 uL; CBC + DIFF mode: 53 uL
Stability Up to 48 hours
Operating sample mode Open tube
Identification Alphanumeric, Barcode reader (internal and external)
Flags 46 possible pathologic flags
Weight 77 lbs
Power supply 100/240 V – 50/60 Hz – 300 VA
Dimensions 20.3 x 17.5 x 19 (H x W x D)
Printer 80 column dot matrix
Throughput 60 samples per hour
Data management 68 331 microprocessor
4 counting channels (68HC11)
Mono-directional connection
Memory Last result
Screen 16 lines screen

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