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Hettich Petrofuge Classic Centrifuge

  • Our New Petroleum Centrifuge!
  • Entry of the RPM (speed) in increments of 10.
  • Entry of the RCF in increments of 10.
  • Entry of the centrifuging time in minutes and seconds (max. 99 min : 59 sec).
  • Entry of the acceleration and deceleration in ramps 1 – 9.
  • Ten programmable memories.
  • Entry of the temperature in increments of 1°C up to + 70 °C (with models 4600-50 and 4600-51).
Product Description

Special Package for Petroleum Applications

The Hettich Petrofuge Classic Centrifuge is the perfect centrifuge for ASTM oil tubes pear shaped tubes and babcock bottles.

The Hettich Petrofuge classic centrifuge (AKA the Hettich Rotofix 46) is especially interesting for users who work with special tubes. This centrifuge offers a cost effective solution for many non-standard applications. In addition to a swing-out rotor for commonly used centrifuge tubes with volumes ranging from 1.5 ml to 290 ml it accepts rotors for ASTM tubes (American Society for Testing Materials) chrome bath tubes and Schlenk tubes.

Rotor Options

Hettich Petrofuge Classic Centrifuge Specifications

Hettich Petrofuge Classic Model
Power Supply 200-240 V 1
100-127 V 1~
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Consumption 500 VA
Emission EN61326-1
FCC Class B
Immunity EN61326-1
Max. capacity 4 x 290 ml
Speed 4.000 min -1
Max. RCF 3.095
Running Time 1s-99 min: 59 s continuous run impulse key
Physical Dimensions Model
Dimensions 342 x 516 x 570 mm
Weight 35 kg


Parameters of Product: Centrifuge Specs
Manufacturers Hettich

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