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Hettich EBA 21 Centrifuge

  • 11 Rotor options
  • Quick entry keypad
  • Up to 6 x 50ml maximum capacity at 3904 x g
  • Automatic lid locking
  • View port with lid
Product Description

Hettich EBA 21 -a small volume & blood tube centrifuge- powerful simplicity

The EBA 21 is powerful and versatile in basic centrifugation tasks. It is equipped with a variable maintenance-free frequency drive. This Hettich centrifuge generates a max. RCF of 23907 at a speed of 18000 rpm.
The EBA 21 can be operated with both speed and RCF data inputs on the keypad. The keypad is located on the lid of the centrifuge where one has an option of 9 different braking and accelerating levels and different run and short cycle modes unique to one's experiment.

The parameters are digitally displayed on an easy to read screen.

Maximum safety is provided by metal housing rotor detection lid locking and holding and imbalance switch-off.
With an extensive range of rotors the EBA 21 meets all demands required of a small high-performance centrifuge today.

  • Rotor model 1116 6 x 50ml max up to 3904 x g
  • Rotor model 1089 30 place 14000 rpm and up to 21255 x g max
  • Rotor model 1126 12 place 5000 rpm and up to 2879 x g. With this rotor and the built-in programmability of the EBA 21 centrifuge the EBA 21 is the perfect replacement centrifuge for the Baxter / Dade Immufuge for cell washing and decanting procedures!

Hettich EBA 21 Centrifuge Unique User-Friendly Features

  • 11 Rotor Options
  • Quick entry keypad
  • Up to 6 x 50ml maximum capacity at 3904 x g
  • Automatic lid locking
  • View port with lid
  • Impulse key for quick spin
  • RPM in increments of 10
  • RCF (Relative centrifugal force) in increments of 10
  • Display of current values
  • Run times from 1 sec up to 99min 59 sec & continuous & short (impulse) run cycle
  • Impulse function
  • Smooth and QUIET running

Baxter Immufuge users...
The EBA 21 IS the replacement for the Dade Baxter Immufuge

Hettich EBA 21 Centrifuge Accessories

A choice of 11 easily exchangeable rotors enable a multitude of applications:
NOTE: There are many adapters / reducers to accommodate tubes of various sizes in each rotor

1112 Fixed angle rotor 12-place complete with lid for 1.5/2.0 ml tubes max. RCF 23907
1416 Fixed angle rotor 12-place for 15 ml standard tubes max. RCF 4105
1116 Fixed angle rotor 6-place for 50 ml standard tubes max. RCF 3904
1089 Fixed angle rotor 30-place max. RCF 21255 aerosol-tight
1095 Fixed angle rotor 24-place max. RCF 21855
1126 swing-out rotor 12-place for 5 ml tubes max. RCF 2879
1120 swing-out rotor 8-place for 5 ml and 10 ml tubes max. RCF 2879
1114 swing-out rotor 8-place for 5 ml and 10 ml tubes max. RCF 2879
1115 swing-out rotor 6-place for 15 ml tubes max. RCF 2879
1450 hematocrit rotor 24-place with lid as evaluation disc max. RCF 21382
1118 Fixed angle rotor 12-place for 5 ml and 7 ml tubes max. RCF 2879

Remember Hettich from GMI!

  • These innovative features and performance are not found elsewhere at a similar price.
  • 100 years in the making. Hettich was 1st in centrifugation at the beginning of this century- Andreas Hettich designed the first centrifuge for medical applications!

Hettich EBA 21 Centrifuge Specifications

Consumption 500 VA
Dimensions (H x W x D) 247 x 275 x 330 mm
Weight 11.5 kg
Max Capacity 6 x 50 ml
Max RPM/RCF 18000 / 23907 Fixed Angle
Temperature N/A

Parameters of Product: Centrifuge Specs
Manufacturers Hettich

Hettich Hettich WS-HETTEBA21