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GMI Certified Instruments

Instrument Evaluation: A quality GMI instrument is identified from our inventory. Initial evaluation is performed to qualify equipment to meet the original performance specifications. All electronics, pneumatics and critical main frame components are inspected to meet rigorous engineering analysis. Final QC documentation follows.


Cleaning and Repair: System is disassembled. Chassis, parts and surfaces are cleaned. Parts requiring paint are professionally painted.

Configuration: Each instrument is customized with the required tested components and options. All components are in compliance with the manufacturer’s original specifications.

Testing: Each instrument is certified operational and that performance standards are in compliance with the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Final Inspection: All systems are run continuously for forty-eight hours prior to final release. All final testing records will be sent along with the instrument.

Packaging: Equipment is packaged and crated to meet or exceed any domestic or international shipping requirements. All manuals, cables, start-up supplies and power cords are included with the instrument.