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GE Pharmacia FPLC

  • Comes with 2 P500 pumps
  • LCC-500 series controller
  • UV-1 optical unit monitor and controller
  • Chart recorder & Fraction Collector
  • Easy for R and D or scale up
Product Description

The GE Pharmacia fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) system is used for methods development and the purification of large quantities of various bimolecular (i.e.- protein and DNA). The system includes two pumps capable of continuous flow to the purification columns (vary by user) - a peristaltic pump may be used for column equilibration- a UV monitor to detect bimolecular on the column- a mixer to produce elution gradients- motor valves may be used to assist with sample injection- column selection or flow reversal- and a controller with an integration function for computerized operation of various programs directing flow to the pumps and controlling the motor valves. A chart recorder is the typical mode of run documentation.

...a classic that stands the test of time and will supersede the trendiness of the age...

GE Pharmacia FPLC Specifications

Flow Range
Isocratic mode 0.05?20 ml/min in steps of 10 ul/min
Gradient mode 0.1?20 ml/min in steps of 10 ?l/min
Pressure Range 0?5 MPa (50 bar- 725 psi)
Pressure pulsation Pressure pulsation
Less than 10 ml/min Max. 10cP
More Than 10 ml/min Max. 5cP
H x W x H inch 14.6 x 18.9 x 18.5
Weight 110 Ilbs