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G-STORM GS-4 Q4 Quad Block Thermal Cycler

  • Delivers high throughput performance!
  • Superb thermal performance characteristics are perfectly balanced with ease of operation ensuring that daily use is a pleasure
  • interface is simplicity itself making programming file management and cycler control a breeze
  • full color VGA 8.4 inch TFT touch-screen display
Product Description



G-Storm GS4 Q4 Quad Block Thermal Cycler
is the perfect thermal cycler solution that delivers high throughput performance! A good-looking high throughput workhorse the G-Storm GS4 Thermal Cyler is purpose built for the demands of high throughput molecular biology. G-Storm is the new benchmark for thermal cycler excellence. Superb thermal performance characteristics are perfectly balanced with ease of operation ensuring that daily use is a pleasure.

Design and feel of G-Storm GS4 Thermal Cycler is paramount resulting in a cycler that will deliver the results you demand from a unit that will look great in your laboratory. The color touchscreen is the heart of G-Storm's control. The user interface is simplicity itself making programming file management and cycler control a breeze.


G-Storm GS4 Thermal Cycler Color touch-screen display

The full color VGA 8.4 inch TFT touch-screen display presents users with an interface in which programming and control is point and click or drag and drop. Control of G-Storm Thermal Cycler is via the touch-screen using a stylus ball pen or even your finger! (An optional keyboard and mouse can be attached via the USB port if you prefer).

G-Storm software – simple yet powerful

If you are new to molecular biology programming any thermal cycler for the first time can be a daunting prospect. This is not the case with G-Storm's interface! Novices through to experts find the software intuitive and easy to learn yet powerful enough to handle the most complex of protocols. Users have the choice to enter known programs manually or utilize the fabulous

Program Wizard.
The program wizard function and in-built primer algorithms remove the requirement to manually calculate the ideal protocol for your experiment. Simply enter your primer sequences or melting temperatures (TM's) and let the wizard do the rest! Manual programming utilizes drag and drop principles and the icon driven commands enable quick clear and intuitive protocol inputs. Even utilizing G-Storm Thermal Cyclers function effectively is simple. Optimal conditions from any  protocol can be converted straight into a standard protocol with only a single click!

A site license for G-Storm's programming software interface is also provided free of charge for use on PC's enabling experimental design and programming from your desktop. Protocols can be transferred via memory stick to and from your PC straight onto G-Storm. The G-Storm GS-4 Thermal Cycler is changing the way molecular biologists think about using thermal cyclers. With so many features available from one machine combined with incredible ease of use you will be blown away!

"The thermal cycler solution for cutting-edge molecular biologists."

FAST Blocks

Choose between standard and new FAST Blocks:

  • Ramp rate of up to 6°CS-1 with FAST Block option
  • Increased productivity by faster protocols

G-Storm Ltd offer the choice of standard thermal blocks with a ramp rate of up to 3°CS-1 together with the new FAST Block (96 and 384) option with ramp rates of up to 6°CS-1.

Utilising a new electroplating process to reduce material thermal mass the FAST Blocks are made from solid silver with a gold finish. The FAST Blocks have incredible thermal conductivity properties that enable superb heating and cooling capability. These characteristics result in ramp rate of up to 6°CS-1 twice the speed of our standard anodized aluminum blocks. By increasing the speed of the thermal block protocols can be completed in less time therefore enabling more samples to be run per day.


Each of the four thermal blocks within G-Storm GS4 has 4 independent temperature control sensors and 8 peltier heating units ensuring that temperature control and uniformity across the block surface is accurate and reproducible time after time cycle after cycle. With features such as Active Sample Cooling (ASC) ensuring that samples are cooled until the heated lid reaches its target temperature therefore reducing non-specific primer binding and extension G-Storm is protecting your samples even before your protocol has begun.

A feature for protocol optimization is standard on all blocks (plate and tube block formats) (96 and 384 well) ensuring that you get the very best data from your starting biological material. The range is user programmable from 4°C to 30°C across the thermal block (can be run within a temperature range of 30°C to 80°C).

- Gstorm Software -

G-Storm Home Page

G-Storm's "Home Page" is central to the control of the cycler's various functions. Select the various options including Program Wizard New Program Run Program on the touch-screen and let the software take you through a logical process that enables you to do what you want to do in easy simple to follow steps.

Icon Driven

The icon driven drag and drop programming is simplicity itself. Simply select the command that you require drag it into the program window and enter your parameters when prompted. This method enables both complex and simple protocols to be visualized during programming by selecting the "profile" option.

Program Wizard

The superb "Program Wizard" function uses primer sequences or primer melting temperatures to calculate your protocol for you. By entering this information product length and any other "special" information over just five steps the wizard will present an ideal program based on this information within a few clicks you are ready to go!

- Summary and Specifications for the G-Storm GS4 Q4 Thermal Cycler -


"The G-Storm GS4 is the perfect thermal cycler solution for your demands – a good looking high throughput workhorse."

FINALLY A CYCLER THAT MAKES THINGS EASY! G-Storm GS-4 Thermal Cycler is probably the easiest thermal cycler to use whilst offering probably the most advanced protocol monitoring currently available. The status of each block on the cycler can be viewed individually with actual temperatures displayed graphically in real-time. Lab books and GLP reporting provide additional data vital for accreditation or validation for use in labs where quality control and monitoring is paramount. Easy to operate and maintain

Internal performance protocols ensure that G-Storm GS4 Thermal Cycler is operating as it should and provide peace of mind that your experimental data is sound and accurate. The thermal blocks within G-Storm exchange in seconds without tools or the need for a specialist engineer such a feature reduces any potential downtime to an absolute minimum.

The USB port accepts memory sticks for program transfer/export and even operating software upgrades from the web or e-mailed directly to your from your local service team.

Quality assured

  • NIST/UKAS traceable calibration procedures
  • Password control – allows access to various reports
  • Administrator user and guest levels enable programs to be written edited protected and run according to status
  • Power failure options – continue or halt
  • Barcode reading option
  • Encrypted GLP documentation produced with every program run

G-STORM GS-4 Q4 Quad Block Thermal Cycler Specifications

Thermal blocks
Block Materials STANDARD BLOCKS: Modular nickel plated anodized aluminum blocks with eight Peltier and four thermistor sensors
FAST BLOCKS: Electroplated solid silver gold plated block with eight Peltier and four thermistor sensors
Traceability NIST traceable temperature calibration
Blocks available (Any combination of two) 96 well block: for 96 well plates or 96 x 0.2ml tubes 384 well block high throughput block: for 384 well plates 96 well FAST block: for 96 well plates or 96 x 0.2ml tube 384 well FAST block: for 384 well plates In situ block for four glass slides
Thermal block characteristics
Temperature range 4°C-99°C
Temperature control Calculated mode with plate and tube control algorithms
Volume range 2-150μl
Block accuracy +/- 0.4°C (20-99°C)
Block homogeneity +/- 0.4°C
Ramp rate Up to 3°CS-1 (standard block)
Max/min  span 30°C / 4°C
Heated lids
Lid temperature range 112°C
User interface
Screen type 8.4 inch TFT color VGA touch-screen (Stylus supplied. Suitable for ball-pen or finger use)
Data input Touch-screen external keyboard and mouse (USB) (Optional) barcode scanner (USB) (Optional)
Temperature display Real-time graphical display of actual block temperatures
Communication 2 x USB
User and file management
User levels 3: administrator user (with administrator selectable restricted rights) and guest
File protection Via restricted access
File organisation Windows Explorer user-defined folders and subfolders
Program storage Circa 10000 internal memory
Reports and validation
Reports Encrypted GLP report LabBook report
Validation Automatic internal validation prior to each program start
Power and dimensions
Electronic power supply 100V to 240V (frequency 48 to 62Hz)>
Dimensions (LxWxH) 670mm x 605mm x 265m
Weight 44kg approx
Operating conditions 10°C - 30°C 0 - 95% relative humidit
Regulatory CE compliant
Warranty Full Manufacturer Warranty
Optional accessories
Barcode scanner Barcode documentation via handheld barcode scanner
Data input External keyboard and mouse (USB)
Memory USB Memory Stick
Parameters of Product
Ports USB
User Interface Touch Screen
Well Size @ 0.2ml Tubes 96 Well;384 Well
Manufacturer G-Storm

G-Storm G-Storm BC-GSTORMQ