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Elan ATAC 8000 Random Access Chemistry Analyzer

Elan ATAC 8000 Random Access Chemistry Analyzer

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  • Refrigerated Reagent Tray
  • Integrated Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Module
  • High Capacity Sample Chamber
  • Equipped with cuvette assembly
  • On-Board Diluent
  • Automated cleaning and reuse of 25 cuvettes
  • Provisions for a 20 liter carboy

Product Description

The Elan ATAC 8000 Random Access Chemistry Analyzer from Elan Diagnostics integrates high throughput random access technology and is designed as a cost effective and innovative bench top model. A separate water system is not necessary for this analyzer since it has an onboard diluent tank for easy filling.

The ATAC 8000 chemistry analyzer has a unique tapered design and an automatic washing system, which eliminate sample carry-over. Reagents are pre-heated to 37°C as they are delivered through the probe. As a result, reagents obtain an optimum temperature and provide consistent measurements for improved performance.

This chemistry analyzer can hold 40 individual ATAC-PAK reagents with a maximum capacity of 6,000 tests. As a result, instrument operators are given up to 12 hours of worry-free unsupervised operation. The onboard refrigeration feature also ensures reagent stability and continuous inventory monitoring. This innovative management system enables users to keep track of the remaining tests in each PAK.

ATAC 8000 analyzers are equipped with integrated ISE Module. The Elan analyzer uses a proprietary, solid state, electrode design for Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine, and Carbon Dioxide electrolytes. Fillings and pre-treatment of solutions are not required. Instrument operators can choose from 70 available sample positions for disposable micro sample cups, standard vacutainer tubes, standards, controls, and STAT.

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Elan ATAC 8000 Random Access Chemistry Analyzer Specifications

ATAC 8000
Analyzer Dimensions 19.5 X 39.0 X 20.5 in
Vacuum Tank Dimensions 26.0 X 8.8 X 20.0
Analyzer Weight 155 lbs.
Vacuum Tank Weight 45 lbs.
Power Requirements  
Voltage and Frequency 110/220 volts 60Hz
Room Temperature 20˚C - 25˚C            
Relative Humidity 45% - 85%
BTU Output 1535 BTU per hour
Reagents and Sampling Capacity  
Sample Tray 70 positions for patients, controls andcalibrators
Sample Volume 2 - 99 ul
Primary Tube Sampling Yes
Integrated 4 Parameter ISE Na+, K+, Cl-, CO²
On-Board Reagent Refrigeration Yes
Reagent Capacity 40 positions, 6,000 test max.
Sample Analysis  
Cuvette Assembly 25 precision matched glass cuvettes temperaturecontrolled @ 37C
Test Modes Continuous Random Access
Batch Testing
Assay Methods Endpoint
Fixed Time
Initial Rate
Linear and Non-Linear
Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)
Sample Rerun and Dilution Automatic
Solid State Optical System 10 filters in the Visible and UV Light Range

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