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Drew Scientific Prochem Chemistry Analyzer V

Drew Scientific Prochem Chemistry Analyzer V

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  • 25 biochemistry parameters available to run- including T4 and electrolytes
  • Users can run any combination of chemistries from 1 single test to a full 25 chemistry profile
  • Multiple patients can be run at the same time
  • No calibration necessary
  • Individually sealed QVETs for optimum usage
Product Description

Prochem Chemistry Analyzer system takes a unique approach to the challenges of veterinary and research biochemistry. Each chemistry is self contained in a QVET. The user can define which chemistries they want to run (so are not reliant on somebody else choosing the profile). The samples are loaded into the QVETs which are then loaded into the system and the run commenced. Because the unit can also perform electrolyte analysis- there is no need to purchase a separate electrolyte unit. The Prochem V is so flexible it can even do T4.


Albumin- ALKP- ALT(SGPT)- Amylase- AST(SGOT)- Bicarbonate- Bilirubin(T)- BUN- Calcium- Chloride- Cholesterol- Creatinine- CK- GGT- Glucose- Iron- LDH- Lipase- Magnesium- Phosphate- Potassium- T4- Total Protein- Triglycerides- Uric Acid.


Each chemistry uses wet reagents. The method chemistries are selected to provide optimum performance. As the Prochem V uses wet chemistry- the results do not suffer from matrix effects like some other methods- such as dry chemistry do. The Prochem V has none of the drawbacks of traditional wet chemistry systems as all the reagents are contained in individual QVETs. Each QVET is bar-coded for ease of use. Once analysis is started the Prochem V mixes- reads and prints the results automatically.

Drew Scientific Prochem Chemistry Analyzer V Specifications

Sample type/handling Serum is the preferred sample type. Some chemistries can use plasma
Sample Volume Sample volumes vary from 5 to 50 uL- depending on the chemistries run
Sample cycle Depends on the number and type of chemistries run
Data Input Through keyboard
Data Output Results are printed out using a standard inkjet printer. Results are also displayed on the display screen and stored electronically on the Prochem V. Data can be transmitted via an RS232 port
Flagging A full range of species specific ranges are held in the Prochem V- thus enabling you to detect abnormal results. A full range of error codes is also provided to aid in dealing with peculiar samples and troubleshooting
Species The Prochem V can run samples from any species. Ranges for dogs- cats- horses- cows and pigs are stored in the system. For any other species- results will be printed out without reference range data
Calibration The Prochem V chemistries are calibrated in our manufacturing facility. Each batch is assigned a special factor which the user enters into the Prochem V with every new batch
Quality Control The Prochem V Multiqual is a liquid based quality control that has assigned values for the Prochem V chemistries. The Multiqual can be used to check the performance of chemistries on the Prochem V

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