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DPC Immulite 2000 Immunoassay System

DPC Immulite 2000 Immunoassay System

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  • Throughput of up to 200 tests/hour
  • User-defined automatic dilution protocols
  • Up to five hours of unsupervised operation
  • Excellent sensitivity with third-generation assays
  • Boasts of a comprehensive menu of more than 100 assays

Product Description

The Siemens DPC IMMULITE® 2000 Immunoassay Analyzer is specifically designed to optimize the efficiency of procedures carried out in medium and high-volume laboratories. This continuous random access immunoassay system boasts of intuitive software and a responsive user interface for streamlined information management.

Other advanced features of the Immulite® 2000 include clot detection, proprietary onboard dilution, third-generation assays and primary tube sampling. This highly capable analyzer system provides a sufficient storage capacity for several years as well as an automated data backup function.

The DPC Immulite® 2000 immunoassay system enhances workflow productivity through continuous sample processing. This chemistry analyzer also makes use of an intuitive Microsoft Windows NT-based operating system with a graphical user interface that keeps the information management system updated. This robust system can continuously perform effectively without reloading on-board supplies.

Other Immulite® 2000 features include automatic re-assay for out-of-range samples, extensive routine and esoteric menu for quick clinical diagnostic information, reflex testing capabilities for additional clinical information, and remote diagnostic capabilities. Real time monitoring is also possible with this system.

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DPC Immulite 2000 Immunoassay System Specifications

Throughput 200 tests/hour
Resident Assays 24
Operating Temperature 18 – 32°C
Luminometer Photon-counting photomultiplier tube
Sample Tubes 12 to 16 mm in diameter and 75 to 100 mm in height, and 10 x 50 mm microtubes using adapter
Interface Capabilities LIS in conformance with ASTM E1394 and ASTM E1381
Networks via EtherNet (10/100 BaseT)
Modem, V34-56K
Laboratory automation system
Power Requirements 200 – 400 VAC
6 amp
Dedicated line, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (with Monitors)
Length 84 in (213 cm)
Height 75 in (189 cm)
Depth 41 in (104 cm)
Weight 890 lb (404 kg)

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