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Diagnostica Stago STart 4 Hemostasis Analyzer

  • 16 incubation wells at 37 C +/- 0.5 C
  • Uses Bichromatic Optics technology
  • Standard model includes four filters
  • Independent built-in timers and four measurement channels
  • Audible alarms for timers

Product Description

The Diagnostica Stago STart® 4 Hemostasis Analyzer, also called the Diagnostica Stago ST4 Coagulation Analyzer is an efficient semi-automated benchtop system, integrated with Stago’s patented electro-mechanical clot detection method (Viscosity-based Detection System). This model performs clotting, chromogenic and immunoassay methodologies in random access mode.

The lightweight and compact-sized ST4 hemostasis analyzer is ideal for low to medium volume batch testing. This instrument is also best used as a back-up to an optical clot detection system.

STart4 Hemostasis Analyzers offer programmable and pre-programmed assays with curve storage. Other highlights of this model include four independently-timed incubation stations, electronically-linked multiple pipettor, 40-character liquid crystal display (LCD) and an internal thermal printer.

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Diagnostica Stago STart 4 Hemostasis Analyzer Specifications

Incubation Wells 16
Temperature 37 C +/- 0.5 C
Measurement Channels 4
Timers 4 independent alarmed timers
Reagent Menu PT
D-dimer (quantitative)
Thrombin time
Reptilase time
Extrinsic factors
Intrinsic factors
Unfractionated heparin
Low molecular weight heparin
AT III Activity
Protein C activity
Protein S activity
Protein S antigen
VWF antigen
Plasminogen activity
Antiplasmin activity
W x D x H 16 x 17 x 25 (inch)
Weight 13 lbs

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