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DANI Master GC Fast Gas Chromatograph System

  • User-friendly interface
  • Digital flow control
  • Constant linear velocity mode
  • Pulsed injection
  • Gas saving and leak checking system
  • Reduced sample run times
  • Complete range of high-sensitive detectors
  • Three injection units and three detectors
  • DDS CLARITY Work Station-compatibility
  • Versatile system design

Product Description

DANI Master Fast Gas Chromatograph offers a new approach to the world of gas chromatography by dramatically decreasing sample run times in a wide range of GC Applications.

The modular design of the components allows to easily change or upgrade any GC configurations.

Up to three injection units and three detectors can be mounted simultaneously.

An intuitive Touch Screen interface controls both the GC and AS with an ultimate simplicity. A complete accessibility of the whole system allows easy maintenance and a real cost reduction.

DANI Master Fast GC includes a complete range of injectors and in particular DANI PTV ensures unprecedented sample integrity and supports the stringent timing requirements of FAST GC through a rapid cool down.

DANI MASTER GC features a full range of high sensitive detectors. Each detectors incorporates a Digitel Pressure Control (DPC) for digital setting of the detector gas flowrate.

DANI comprehensive line of detectors guarantees a cost-effective solution to all application requirements.

The detectors data acquisition rate is up to 300 Hz for a better repeatability and accuracy of chromatographic data.

Gas sampling valves, auxiliary ovens, switching valves and other optional devices make DANI MASTER GC the most suitable gas chromatograph for the development of complex analytical systems in a wide range of applications.

DANI MASTER Fast GC can be connected directory to DDS CLARITYTM Work Station through a local area network (LAN).

Dedicated turnkey systems are the "added value" of all DANI instruments. DANI MASTER GC coupled with DANI HSS 86.50 Head Space Sampler and DANI MASTER TD Thermal Desorber, covers a wide range of applications for environmental, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverages.

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DANI Master GC Fast Gas Chromatograph System Specifications

Dimensions Width Height Depth   570 mm 500 mm 590 mm
Operating Temperature 10–40°C
Operating Humidity 0-90%
Line Voltage Requirements 230V ~ 50 Hz (±10% max) 2800W
Independent Heated Zones (not including oven) 3 injectors
3 detectors
2 auxiliary (max temperature 450°C)
Column Oven
Dimensions Width Height Depth   280 mm 280 mm 160 mm
Operating Temperature 5°C above ambient to 500°C
50°C to 500°C with liquid CO2 cryogenic cooling option
100°C to 500°C with liquid N2 cryogenic cooling option
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Thermal Accuracy ± 0.1°C
Thermal Stability ± 0.1°C
Temperature Programming 25 ramps, 26 isotherms
Max Heating Ramp Rate 140°C/min, 0.1 °C/min resolution
Typical Cool-Down Rate 300°C to 50°C in 4 min
Isothermal Time 0.00 to 999.00 min, 0.01 min resolution
Pneumatic Controls
Pressure Range 0-120 psi
Injector Carrier Gas Max Total Flow 1000 mL/min (He)
Injector Pressure/ Flow Programming Constant or programmed flow
Constant or programmed pressure
Constant linear velocity
Pulsed Injection
Flow programming: 25 ramps/26 cost. flows
Pressure programming: 25 ramps/26 isobars
Pressure resolution: 0.01 bar
Atmospheric Pressure and Temperature Compensation Yes
Injectors Carrier Gas Control Digital Flow Control (DFC)
Injectors Split Gas Control Digital Flow Control (DFC)
Injectors Purge Gas Control Digital Flow Control (DFC)
Injectors Gas Saver Yes
Detectors Gas Control Digital Pressure Control
Injectors Available Packed (PK)
Split/splitless (SL/IN)
Programmable Temperature Vaporizer (PTV)
Gas sampling valves (GSV)
Carrier Gas He, N2, H2, Ar, Ar+CH4
Maximum Number Installed Simultaneously 3
Maximum Number of PTV 2
Detectors Available FID     flame ionization detector
NPD    nitrogen and phosphorous detector
ECD    electron capture detector
PID     photo ionization detector
TCD    thermal conductivity detector
mTCD  micro thermal conductivity detector
FPD     flame photometric detector
Maximum Number Installed Simultaneously 3
Maximum Number of TCD 2
Maximum Number of µTCD 2
Output SIgnals Digital (LAN, USB, RS-232) and Analog outputs (0-1V, 0-10V) 
Data Communication
Remote Control Start in; start and ready out (contact relays normally open)
Communication RS232, LAN, USB
Time Events n.4 voltage free contacts (contact relays normally open) n.4 24V outputs
Touch Screen Graphic User Interface
Display LCD TFT, 5.7”
Resolution 240 x 320 pixel
Colors 65,536
Inside Oven Lamp Yes
Analytical Methods Capacity 25


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