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Damon IEC HN-SII Centrifuge

Damon IEC HN-SII Centrifuge

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  • Ultra adapter rotor systems
  • Direct reading tachometer
  • Variable speed control
  • Manual electric brake

Product Description

The Damon IEC HN-SII is a centrifuge that offers superior performance to satisfy all centrifugal testing needs. Virtually a standard in every laboratory in the world, the IEC HN-SII has proven reliability and unparalleled versatility making it the best value available for routine bench centrifugation.

The HN-SII combines the mechanical features and unique profile of the proven HN product line with modern solid-state electronics. With these, this IEC centrifuge becomes capable of spinning a variety of applications: oil samples for ASTM Test Methods (e.g. D96), milk tests with Babcock Bottles (6" and 6.5") and tissue culture samples in 225/175 ml Falcon conical bottles and 50/15 ml Falcon/Corning conical centrifuge tubes.

Other outstanding features of the Damon IEC HN-SII centrifuge include: direct reading tachometer, variable speed control with 60-minute automatic timer or continuous run mode, and manual electric brake.HN-SII can also accept many existing rotors from discontinued IEC centrifuge models, e.g. Centra-4, Centra-HN, Centra-CL4, Clinical, DE, H, HN, and HN-S.

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Damon IEC HN-SII Centrifuge Specifications

Maximum Speed with Fixed Angle Rotor 4900 rpm (2750g)
Maximum Speed with Swinging Bucket Rotor 4150 rpm (2250g)
Maximum Volume with Fixed Angle 684 ml
Maximum Volume with Swinging Bucket Rotor 456 ml
Electric Time 2 to 60 min.
Brake Rate Half of coast time
Chamber Diameter 16.5 in.

Parameters of Product: Centrifuge Specs
Manufacturers IEC