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Dade Dimension Xpand Clinical Chemistry System

Dade Dimension Xpand Clinical Chemistry System

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  • Built-in automation
  • 80 method options
  • Consistent dimension platforms for synergy across testing sites
  • Simple load-and-go operation
  • Single station, multi-tasking workstation connectivity

Product Description

The Dade Dimension® Xpand® integrated chemistry system offers versatility in a compact frame for smaller laboratories. This specialty analyzer has an extensive test menu and easy-to-use software to produce reliable outputs. The Dimension Xpand® system is fit for a variety of laboratory settings.

Each Xpand® chemistry system unit boasts of the innovative Dimension® Flex® reagent cartridge and enhancements that make units ideal for consolidated lower volume clinical laboratory applications. This technology is only available to higher-volume platforms to date. The Dade chemistry system also combines comprehensive STAT and routine chemistry testing to enhance productivity of testing procedures.

Dade Dimension® Xpand® Clinical Chemistry System Applications

  • General chemistries
  • Electrolytes
  • Enzymes
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Toxicology
  • Endocrinology
  • Urine drugs of abuse screening
  • Cardiac markers
  • Tumor markers
  • Specific proteins
  • Immunosuppressive drugs
  • Open channels

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Dade Dimension Xpand Clinical Chemistry System Specifications

Instrument Weight and Dimensions  
Weight 355 kg (783 lbs)
W x H x D 129 cm X 114 cm X 79 cm (51 in. X 45 in. X 31 in.)
Power Requirement  
Line Voltage Each instrument uses a single cord
220 Vac ± 10%, 50Hz
Single phase
20-amp service is required for each instrument
Operating power (220 Vac) Nominal current during operation – 11 A
Maximum power – (1300W)
Host interfacing A 25-pin female connector is required for hook-up to the male connector used for host communications port
Room Environment  
Operating temperature Room temperature must be 17 – 30˚C (65 - 85˚F) with a maximum fluctuation of 2.8˚C (5˚F) per hour. The system requires a maximum of 120 minutes to warm up from a cold start to the incubation temperature.
Relative humidity Maintain between 20% and 80%
Average thermal output 1100 W (3753 BTU/hr) for each instrument
Average noise output < 70 dBA at 1m while operating
Water Consumption 2.0 L/hr maximum throughput
  • Deionized water NCCLS Type 2
(HM – NCCLS Type Type 1)
  • System is supplied with water system
Liquid waste output 2.0 L/hr maximum throughput

Siemens Siemens WS-DADEDXP