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Dade Behring Dimension RXL Chemistry Analyzer

  • Full disease state profiles on a single analyzer
  • Eliminates need for splitting samples
  • Automated incubation, wash and separation procedure
  • Consistently delivers sensitive results with high specificity
  • Uses plasma samples for draw- spin-run on most methods
  • Sample volume range from 40-60 uL

Product Description

The Dade Behring Dimension RXL chemistry analyzer ensures productivity by enhancing the efficiency of laboratory procedures. This integrated system is responsive and reliable for processing true workloads and consolidating workstations.

High volume immunoassay testing is made easy with the Dade RXL analyzer system. These sampling methods are performed independently from routine testing in order to maintain high system throughput and uncompromised STAT turnaround time. Capable of fast turnaround time, the robust Dimension RXL system delivers 167 immunoassays per hour.

Dimension RXL chemistry analyzers offer convenience in every use. Laboratory operators can reduce both labour and processing time by not splitting samples into smaller groups. Users can eliminate batch testing procedures as well with the 24 hour continuous availability of this model. Several functions of this model can be performed with minimal supervision including incubation, wash and separation.

Take advantage of uncompromised method performance with the Dade Behring Dimension RXL Chemistry Analyzer.

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Dade Behring Dimension RXL Chemistry Analyzer Specifications

Parameters 79 analytes
Throughput 740 samples/hour
Method Filter Photometric
W x D x H 63 x 31 x 44 (in.)
160 x 79 x 112 (cm)
Weight 600 lbs (273 kg)

Siemens Siemens WS-DADERXL