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It is always the smart choice to purchase your next brand-new in the box or used Cover Slippers from GMI, Inc. Click on the product details link to see more information and to obtain a quote.

Due to our rapidly changing inventory our entire selection is not currently listed below. If you don't see what you are looking for please give us a call at 1-800-745-2710 and we will be happy to help you with the exact model that fits your needs!

Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) SHUR/Mount Coverslipper
Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) SHUR/Mount Coverslipper
  • Maintain uncompromised morphology and antigenicity
  • Save on exposure- use and disposal of reagents
  • Obtain superior sectioning characteristics
  • Dramatically reduce processing time
  • Lower operating costs
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Shandon Consul Automated Coverslipper System
Shandon Consul Automated Coverslipper System
  • Automates coverslipping and maintains long-term storage quality of specimens.
  • Coverslips 400 slides per hour using permanent glass coverslips.
  • The system reduces operator exposure to solvents.
  • Eliminates repetitive motion which can lead to injury.
  • Unit comes with built-in activated charcoal filter; vent adapter kit is also available.
  • Slides are stored in a clearant reservoir before coverslipping.
  • Accepts coverslip sizes 22 24 x 40 50 55 60 mm.
  • Accommodates slides from 0.8 to 1.2 mm in thickness.
  • High-precision computerized mountant dispense system gives the user 9-level control of mountant dispense volume.
  • Optical sensors detect incorrect or multiple coverglass feed.
  • Roll-on pressure pad assures smooth adhesion.
  • Mountant and roller pad pressure can be adjusted for either histology or cytology preparations.
  • Daily maintenance takes less than ten minutes.
  • I
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Leica CV-5000 Cover Slipper
Leica CV-5000 Cover Slipper
  • Self-contained, automated cover slipper
  • Convenient batch or single slide mode
  • Flexible mountant type control for volume and flow rate
  • Automatic detection for broken coverslips
  • Efficient fume control system

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