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Cobas Integra 400 Chemistry Analyzer

  • Unique reagent cassette requires no manual reagent reconstitution minimal calibration and offers extended onboard stability
  • Extensive test menu automates even esoteric tests such as lithium and serum proteins
  • 36 onboard test capacity with fast simple method changeover while the system is in operation
  • Pipetting integrity check includes sample level detection and clot detection
  • Automatic reagent inventory with remaining test data stored in memory even after a cassette has been removed from the system
  • Up to 400 photometric tests per hour; up to 460 tests per hour with electrolytes
  • 32 refrigerated cassette positions plus four ISEs (Na+ K+ CL- and Li+)
Product Description

GMI understand that trends in health care continue to drive the demand for a multi purpose clinical laboratory workstation. The Cobas Integra 400 Chemistry Analyzer offers maximum versatility in a minimum amount of space. This compact analyzer combines the the convenience and simplicity of load and leave reagent cassette with an extensive test menu and reliable easy to use automation. The Cobas Integra 400 offers workstation consolidation with product improvements and safety in results.


  • Increases efficiency and cost effectiveness by reducing operator time and reagent waste
  • Reduces costs associated with labor-intensive manual procedures send-outs and multiple analyzers
  • Allows less frequently requested assays to be easily consolidated onto one workstation
  • Enhances confidence in result accuracy. Clot detection management features assure effective onboard management of samples
  • Minimizes reagent waste due to method changeover

Random Access

The Cobas Integra Chemistry Analyzer 400 provides continuous random access for routine and stat samples. The sample platform hold up to 90 specimens using 6 15 position racks with one with one rack positioned temperature controlled to 10-15 degrees Celsius.

Serine urine plasma and CMF can be processed from micro cups or varying tube sizes. A bar code reader positively identifies samples permitting samples to be randomly placed into racks visual indicators provide information to the operator about the 6 rack positions. If the indicator is green the rack or racks may be removed and new samples added to the sample platform.

This permits the Cobas Integra 400 Chemistry Analyzer to continuously process samples allowing uninterrupted workflow for both routine and stat samples. The transfer system consists of a transfer arm and 2 probes.

The Cobas Integra 400 Chemistry Analyzer sets a new standard in ease of use and versatility. By combining a broad test menu unique reagent cassettes reduced calibration requirements and extended automation to provide and innovative solution to meeting your changing healthcare needs.

Cuvettes used for the analysis of therapeutic drugs are removed from the rotor and placed into the florescence polarization photometer where the polarized light is read.

The COBAS Integra® 400 Plus System delivers maximum versatility and ease of operation in a minimum amount of space. It combines the convenience and simplicity of load-and-leave reagent cassettes with an extensive test menu as well as the proven reliability required to deliver effective easy-to-use automation for both routine and STAT testing. The COBAS Integra® 400 Plus System offers the flexibility to consolidate workstations in small- to medium-volume laboratories or to consolidate specialty tests in larger laboratories.

Sample System

The pipettes sample both sample and reagent with a sampling time as frequent as every 10.6 seconds. The probes deliver sample to either the ISC module or the measuring module.

The Cobas Integra 400 Chemistry Analyzer has automation sample dilution and concentration functions eliminating many manual steps. The analyzer also has an auto rerun feature for reducing user intervention. This efficient sampling system permits the Cobas Integra 400 chemistry an to process up to 460 results including ISCs per hour.

Sample Volumes / Capacity / Containers
- Up to 90 samples onboard via 15-position rack
- 5 7 & 10 mL primary tubes and COBAS sample cups
- Most chemistries use serum or plasma
- 2-10 µL sample volume per photometric test
- Compatible bar codes: Codabar 2 of 7 Code 3 of 9 Interleaved 2 of 5 Code 128

ISC Module

The ISC module is used for the analysis of sodium potassium chloride and lithium in serum or urine. Analyses of all tests are performed in one allocated sample which enhances system throughput. Sample is delivered to the ISC tower and then pulled through the measuring electrodes through the peristaltic pump. Direct or indirect methods are available for sample analysis.


The Cobas Integra 400 Chemistry Analyzer uses a unique reagent system using unique patented cassettes which require no preparation by the operator. All reagents liquid or automatically prepared by the liquid for high workload assays multiple cassettes of the same sample can be loaded and stored in the reagent refrigerant compartment until needed by the system. This unique reagent handling system has completely automated all reagent preparation providing all extensive on board reagents and calibration stabilities.

The cassette platform can hold up to 32 reagent cassettes and is controlled between 10-15 degrees Celsius. Reagent usage is monitored by the system and the operator is alerted if remaining test per cassette falls below 10% of capacity or with in 3 days of reagent expiration. Additional cassettes can be added while the system is running which ensures an efficient and uninterrupted workflow.

  • 50-800 tests per cassette depending on test
  • Automatic reconstitution on analyzer if required
  • 6-12 week onboard stability
  • Calibration typically once per lot


A unique combination of absorbance florescence polarization tripid and metric and ion selective electrode measuring technologies allow the Cobas Integra 400 to offer a broad test and application menu.

The Measuring module consists of a rotor absorbance photometer and florescence polarization photometer. The rotor can hold up to 71 cuvettes with each cuvette only being used once. Utilizing disposable cuvettes illuminates the need for a cleaning mechanism and reduces the need for special cleaning solutions. The rotor and cuvettes are temperature controlled to 37 degrees Celsius via and air bath minimizing maintenance.

Four workstations located around the perimeter of the rotor are utilized for cuvette loading and removal reagent additions sample additions and mixing. Photometers are located around the perimeter of the rotor and measure reactions progressing in the cuvettes. The absorbance photometeris used for the analysis of enzymes substrates and drugs of abuse and specific proteins. As the rotor turns the individual cuvette is passed before the absorbance photometer for measurement. The absorbance photometer used 12 wavelengths and monitors the reaction in each cuvette as frequently as every 10.6 seconds

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