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BD FACSCalibur Flow Cytometer

The BD FACSCalibur Flow Cytometer is an innovative platform used for both cell analysis and cell sorting in a single benchtop unit.

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Leica TP1020 Tissue Processor

The Leica TP 1020 is a semi-enclosed tissue processor that is the perfect combination of proven technology and modern, functionally

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Leica RM2255 Microtome

The Leica RM2255 is a high-performance rotary microtome designed especially for motorized and manual sectioning of both paraffin- and

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Shandon SME Cryotome Cryostat

The Shandon Cryotome SME is a sophisticated, top-of-the-line cryostat that combines automated electronic advance and hands-free sectioning

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Packard Cobra Quantum 5002 Gamma Counter

Designed for both research and routine laboratory applications, the Packard Cobra Quantum 5002 Gamma Counter is equipped with

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OPTI Medical Systems OPTI CCA-TS Blood Gas Electrolyte

The OPTI Medical Systems Opti CCA-TS Blood Gas and Electorolyte Analyzer also known as Osmetech OPTI CCA is a powerful and flexible laboratory

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Jenco CP Series Compound Binocular Microscope

Jenco offers a variety of Upright Compound Binocular Microscopes in its CP-300 series designed specifically with educators and routine

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When productivity is the name of the game, MASTER TOF-MS (Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer) is the answer. Productivity has

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