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Item#CategoryDescriptionPriceEnd Date
SOLD General Fisher Microfuge A, with 24 place rotor for 1.5ml tubes, 13000 rpm, timer SOLD 8/13/2014
SOLD General Hettich Microfuge 200, includes 30 place rotor for 1.5ml tubes (like new condition) 14000 rpm and up to 18626 x g SOLD
SOLD General Hettich Microfuge 200R refrigerated microcentrifuge, includes 24 place rotor (like new condition) 14000 rpm, 18626 x g SOLD
SOLD General Beckman Coulter Microfuge 18, includes a 24 place rotor (like new) SOLD 8/13/2014
SOLD General Tuttnauer model 2540E automatic digital tabletop autoclave (list price was 7000.00), Diameter x Depth: 10 x 18-Inch, timer. SOLD
C16333 General Sartorius Signum 1 balance with digital display (great for chemostat-bioreactor mass change measurement), 15kg max load, 0.5g readability, 8”x 12” platform – 3 available in stock $999 8/13/2014
C16352 General Citizen Moisture Balance, model MB50, 50 gram x 0.001 gram readability, 500watt halogen lamp – 2 in stock $699 8/13/2014
3851 General Beckman L7-55R Ultracentrifuge, 55000 rpm - free 60Ti rotor, installation available as an option- fully functional ! $4995 8/13/2014
C16494 Biotech Perkin Elmer Veriti Thermal Cycler- 96 well std. 0.2ml $3900 8/13/2014
C16495 Biotech Perkin Elmer Step 1 Real Time PCR (was 29,000 new), quantitative, endpoint, melt curves, like new condition includes laptop $14900 8/13/2014
16352 Biotech MJ Research Tetrad (4 x 96 alpha units), with power supply $8995 8/13/2014
10915 Biotech New Brunswick BioFlo 110 Fermenter, drive, 1 L vessel $6400 9/12/2014
14476 Biotech Savant DNA 110 speed vac with 24 place rotor for 1.5 ml tubes $1995 9/12/2014
13297 Biotech Nuaire NU 430-600 B2 total exhaust biosafety cabinet, 6 foot (accepting offers on this good unit) $1995 9/12/2014
14374 Biotech Techniplast BS60 Biosafety (animal) Changing Station, great condition, on wheels, 5 foot (was 20,000.00 when new) $2995 9/12/2014
15025 Biotech Bio-Rad C1000 Thermal Cycler with 96 well gradient block $3400 9/12/2014
15411 Biotech MJ PTC 100 thermal cycler (60 x 0.5ml head) $999 9/12/2014
16929 The GeneAmp PCR System 9700 is an automated instrument, specifically designed for the amplification of nucleic acids using the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process. The user interface consists of a control panel with a full numeric keypad, soft keys, and a graphical display screen that shows the time and temperature profile for each run. $2495 (96-well)

07750 N-Biotek NB-205Q Shaker/ Incubator. Maintains precise thermostatic control by using MICOM. Suitable for most bench spaces. LED indicators display temperature, speed and time. A brushless DC motor produces no noise and minimal vibration. Please Inquire 9/12/2014
SOLD Fischer Scientific Stereo Trinocular Microscope with polaroid MicroCam and 3 objectives: 20x, 10x, and 3.2x SOLD
SOLD Thermo Electron Multiskan Ascent, The unit can run 96 and 384 well plates. Includes softare and complete set of user manuals an 2 filters 405nm and 505nm. UNUSED condition. SOLD 10/12/2014
Labconco 8 ft. Walk In Fume Hood, like new (was 17000.00 new), barely used, (currently de-installed and 3 in stock at GMI


SOLD Forma Model 3950 CO2 reach-in incubator, +5C to 60C, T/C CO2 measure and control, humidity control –pristine condition SOLD 10/12/2014
TFTCSAT/02 Techne TC Plus Gradient Thermal Cycler, NEW, unused with 4 years of additional mfr. warranty ! 2 in stock (computer not included) $4900 10/12/2014
15148 Baker Co Edgegard EG-6320 6ft laminar flow cabinet, (optional stand available, vs. countertop installation $2495 10/12/2014
SOLD Skalar Nutrient Analyzer with autosampler (was 90,000.00 new in 2012), measures ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and urea, etc. SOLD
16335 Nuaire NU S 201-630 laminar air flow clean bench, 6 foot), , (optional stand available, vs. countertop installation $2495 10/12/2014
Wallac Microbeta TriLux 1450 Liquid Scintillation model 1450-027
(6 detector) RLS (96/243 plate capable) robotic loading system capable (7500.00 or best offer)
$7500 10/12/2014
SOLD Beckman DU640B uv vis spectrophotometer, std cell holder, DNA & Protein software installed, includes LCD monitor and mouse SOLD
C16325 Analytik Jena Contra AA Atomic Absorption Unit (was 91,000 in 2012 $19000
C16326 Analytik Jena ContraAA Microwave digestion system (was 36,000.00 in 2012)- (Only 000 if purchased with C16325) $19000