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Citizen CM21 Micro Balance

  • Easy to read Large backlite GRAPHICAL LCD display with A.E.P. (Advanced Eye Protection).
  • Standard RS 232 C Interface / PS 2 output
  • Fully automatic Internal calibration with built in weight.
  • Various application other than just simple weighing like- Percentage-Filling- Check weighing- Statistic
  • Conforms to GLP/GMP and ISO 9001 Standard
Product Description

The Citizen Microbalance CM21 balance has been designed to meet high requirements for measuring small masses with high readability (d = 1 ug). It is equipped with graphic display with extended user menu.CM Series- Citizen Micro balances consists of two components. One of them contains electronic modules and the other precise mechanical measuring system.Micro balance series CM are offered with two capacities 11 gm to 21 gm with readability 1 ug Balances are equipped with esthetic- cylindrical shaped weighing chamber with glass draft shield. Micro Balance software allows for composition of GLP procedures as standard printout or as freely definable non standard printout.

Balance series CM are equipped with RS 232- PS 2 output and possibility of connecting additional display as standard.

Citizen Micro Balance CM21 Specifications

Capacity 21gm
Readability (-/+) 1 mu g
Repeatability (-/+) -/+ 5 mu g
Linearity (-/+) -/+ 10 mu g
Pan Size 1.2 dia
Chamber Dimmensions 90 x 90mm
Stabilization Time 20
Calibration Weight 10 g - class E1
Working Temperature 18 to +/- 30 degrees
Power Supply 230V 50Hz /11V AC 380 mA

Citizen Citizen CTZCM21