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CEQ 2000XL DNA Analysis System

  • Automated
  • Electrokinetic injections of 8 samples at a time
  • High throughput setup
Product Description

CEQ 2000XL DNA Analysis System Features and Benefits

The CEQ 2000XL DNA Analysis System is an automated unit capable of reading and analyzing DNA sequencing products that have been generated by incorporating WellRED fluorescent dyes into the DNA. The CEQ 2000XL DNA Analysis System?s 650 nm and 750 nm diode lasers excite these dyes which then fluoresce and are automatically detected and processed by the system?s software. The system is equipped with an array made up of eight parallel capillaries permitting electrokinetic injections of eight samples at a time. This high throughput setup allows for 96 samples to be processed and analyzed by the system's software in 24 hours. On average sequences of 600 to 850 bases per sample can be generated depending on primer and template qualities.

CEQ 2000XL DNA Analysis System Screens

Sample Tray Setup Screen

  • Sample entry is done either individually or through a spreadsheet
  • Operator-programmable optimized methods
  • Attach notes and run properties to samples
  • Set up automatic analysis and report formats

Run Screen

  • Raw data displayed as collected
  • Choose automatic operation or direct control
  • Run log for quality assurance
  • Automatic monitors of gel volume and laser life
  • Real-time display of capillary usage current and voltage

Data Analysis Screen

  • Automatic base calling and report generation after each row of eight samples
  • Change parameter set for base calling algorithm
  • Audio playback of selected segments
  • Search and match segments

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