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Carolina Chemistries Biolis 24i Analyzer

  • 400 tests per hour
  • Requires no disposable cuvettes
  • 100 chemistry tests available
  • Bar-coded tubes and reagents
  • Bi-directional interface
  • Electrolytes by ion selective electrodes
  • 14 day on board reagent stability
Product Description

The BioLis 24i chemistry analyzer bench top analyzer from Carolina Liquid Chemistry can run up to 400 tests per hour.

With a menu of over 100 operations it serves well as a back up analyzer for hospitals that cannot afford any downtime.

Requiring only 31 inch's of bench space- the BioLis 24i may also function ideally as a primary analyzer where space is an important consideration. Such environments may include small hospitals and physician's offices and laboratories. Low operating costs are a major advantage of the BioLis 24i.

Other bench top analyzers may require either the purchase of bulky distilled H2O cube or disposable cuvettes. The BioLis 24i includes permanent cuvettes and comes with an integrated distilled water system.

Not only does this remove the need for additional items (saving you money!)- it is also convenient in terms of freight and storage. The large menu of the Carolina BioLis 24i consists of reagents that are bar-coded and liquid.

The general menu option includes the following operations:

  • Comprehensive Metabolic
  • Basic Hepatic
  • Renal Anemia
  • Lipid Panel tests.

All therapeutic drugs and drugs of abuse tests are available. Specific proteins include commonly run tests for:

  • IgG
  • IgA
  • IgM
  • C3
  • C4
  • Transferrin
  • Haptoglobin
  • ASO
  • RF
  • CRP
  • Prealbumin
  • APO

Lipoproteins can be performed reliably thanks to the antigen excess detection capability. Diabetic screening tests include:

  • HbA1c
  • Fructosamine

Functions and applications of the Carolina Liquid Chemistry Biolis 24i Chemistry Analzyer

Useful Functions
  • Comprehensive display for easy operation
  • Substantial use interface
  • Run-Monitor allows estimate of waiting time
  • User-friendly voice message
  • Various options to meet laboratory needs
  • Round-exchanging function allows running up to 80 analytes
  • Air pressure mixing effective to clinical chemistry homogeneous immuno-assay and carry-over prevention
  • Effective washing with heated water
  • More stable reaction by first-reagent preheat function
  • Carryover free two-probe reagent pipetting

Useful Applications

The Carolina Chemistries Biolis 24i Clinical Analyzer is ideally suited fro applications such as drug testing / drugs of abuse testing pain management. In short the Biolis 24i is the ideal drug testing analyzer.

Summary of other features

Ease of use is a major benefit of the BioLis 24i. Positive sample ID and elimination of instrument programming can be quickly achieved with the bi-directional interface and bar-coded primary tube sampling. The Biolis 24i can also convert LIS interfaces into Electronic Medical Records (EMR). With 30 day on board reagent stability and up-to 14 day calibration stability the Biolis 24i makes daily start up a simple matter of running QC.

The accuracy of the Carolina BioLis 24i can be assured with the combination of a number of unique features. With the Biolis 24i you can easily auto-re-run of out of range results. Not only does this eliminate the need for manual dilutions- obtaining the correct result on the first run is highly likely!

The Biolis 24i can also help you to eliminate carry over. A thorough 10-step cuvette wash station administers heated alkaline and acid washes before and after each run. Reagent and sample are 'air mixed' this elicits better blending without the use of troublesome stirring paddles. To eliminate drain and water jugs the BioLis 24i is installed with a water system and drainage tank which can easily be connected to a near by sink.

Carolina Chemistries Biolis 24i Analyzer Specifications

Test Per Hour 400
Color metric plus 160 ISE 240
Sample Handling
Sample Types Serum- Plasma- Urine
Primary Tubes 5- 7- 10 mL
Sample Tray 55 position tray
Sample Size 3 to 30 ul
Type Liquid ready-to-use
On board tests 39
On-board Stability 30 days
Height 20 inch
Width 25 inch
Depth 31 inch
Weight 208 lbs

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