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KNAUER AZURA Bio LC is designed for performance, flexibility and user friendliness.

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GE ÄKTA Explorer (Amersham Pharmacia) FPLC

The GE AKTA Explorer chromatography systems, formally from Amersham Pharmacia Biotech offer fast and reliable solutions for developing and

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PerSeptive BioSystems BioCAD 700E

The Applied Biosystems (previously PerSeptive Biosystems) BioCAD® 700E Workstation for Perfusion and Chromatography® is a

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Winpact Bioreactor and Fermentor

The Winpact Scientific Bioreactor and Fermentor is a programmable microprocessor-controlled fermentation system offering high

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Molecular Devices VersaMax Absorbance Microplate Reader

The VersaMax™ Microplate Reader from Molecular Devices bridges the gap between the affordability of filter-based readers and the flexibility

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Savant AES 1010 SpeedVac® Concentrator

The Savant AES 1010 SpeedVac® concentrator is a high performing instrument that provides solutions for complex laboratory needs.

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Beckman DU 7400 Diode Array Spectrophotometer

The Beckman DU7400 diode array spectrophotometer provides reliable results in a matter of seconds. In addition to quickly

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MJ Research PTC-200 Thermal Cycler

The MJ Research PTC-200 DNA Engine, is a reliable peltier thermocycler that boasts of a polished and robust design. The Hot Bonnet

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