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BioRad Variant Hemoglobin Analyzer

  • Fully automated - no sample preparation required
  • STAT capable
  • Continuous sample feeding
  • Clinical Data Management Software
  • Built-in quality control management
Product Description

The BioRad Variant Hemoglobin Analyzer is a fully automated high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyzer that requires no sample preparation and very little hands-on time by the operator. The BioRad Variant Hemoglobin Analyzer Sampling Station accepts bar coded primary specimen tubes. It reads the bar code samples from the closed tube dilutes and injects the specimen into the Chromatographic Station for analysis. The results are processed by Bio-Rad's Clinical Data Management (CDM) Software. CDM can be interfaced to the laboratory information system for real-time data transmission and superior data management. Bio-Rad provides complete assay kits for analysis of HbA1c Total GHb and _-thalassemia on the VARIANT Hemoglobin Testing System.

The BioRad Variant Hemoglobin Analyzer is Efficient

  • Primary tube sampling
  • STAT capability
  • Fully automated methods
  • Continuous sample feeding
  • Positive sample tracking
  • Accepts different types of sample tubes

The BioRad Variant Hemoglobin Analyzer is Powerful

  • Clinical Data Management Software
  • Real-time bi-directional interface with laboratory information system
  • Built-in quality control management
  • CSN Ready - BioRad's Clinical Systems Network

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