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Bio-Rad GS-670 Imaging Densitometer

  • Fast image acquisition (in not more than 15 minutes)
  • Transmittance and Reflectance modes
  • Variable wavelength light source
  • Equipped with internal interference filters
  • General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) to either Mac or PC
  • Available software in 1D or 2D

Product Description

The Bio-Rad GS-670 is a reliable and cost-effective imaging densitometer, ideal for autoradiographs and western blots. Each unit boasts of high resolution and a bundled software. Scans can be conveniently previewed in a few seconds. Options for the actual area of detailed scans are shown afterwards. Transmittance and reflectance modes allow for the virtual scanning of electrophoretic samples, DNAs, RNAs and proteins with this instrument.

The Bio-Rad GS-670 imaging densitometer can scan and quantify different analyses, including:

  • Autoradiography
  • Southern, Northern and Western Blots
  • Dot and Slot blots
  • TLC plates
  • Elisa Plates
  • 1D and 2D gels
  • Photos
  • Tube gels
  • Slides

The Bio-Rad GS-670 Imaging Densitometer Software is fitted with a brightness and contrast palette as well as a noise reduction capability. This software can also produce outputs in histograms. Automated features of this imaging software include Auto Spot for finding and calibration as well as Auto Peak for finding and integration.

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