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Beckman Synchron CX9 Clinical System

  • Provides 90-day calibration stability for many chemistries, increasing system productivity
  • User-friendly chemistry selection and barcode programming options
  • Simplified system operation for new and high-volume users
  • Automated loading and unloading of sample sectors
  • Designed with an additional RS-22 information port

Product Description

Beckman Coulter’s Synchron CX Chemistry Analyzer Series is designed for diverse procedures including drug analysis, and biological fluid analyses, as well as other qualitative and quantitative applications. These Beckman Synchron CX Clinical Systems offer convenient and rapid processing for your clinical analysis needs.

Synchron CX9 Chemistry Analyzer

The Beckman Synchron CX9 Clinical System offers an automated and simplified procedure from sample preparation to system maintenance. This model speeds up the entire testing preparation process to economize time without compromising results. The primary tube sampling feature of the CX9 allows for the accommodation of five blood collection tube sizes without the need for adaptors.

Synchron CX9 systems can handle a wide range of samples including serum, urine, and plasma. This versatile equipment is ideal to provide solutions for various laboratory needs.

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Beckman Synchron CX9 Clinical System Specifications

Throughput 900 max. test/ hour
Parameters 71 analytes
Height 69 in
Length 74 in
Width 74 in
Weight 1135 lbs (515 kg)
Power Supply 220/240V, 50/60 Hz 20

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