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Beckman Synchron CX7 Clinical System

Beckman Synchron CX7 Clinical System

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  • Eliminates need to split samples
  • Standardizes procedures and training requirements
  • Expedite all three phases to the testing cycle
  • Equipped with an additional RS-232 information port

Product Description

Beckman Coulter’s Synchron CX Chemistry Analyzer Series is designed for diverse procedures including drug analysis, and biological fluid analyses, as well as other qualitative and quantitative applications. These Beckman Synchron CX Clinical Systems offer convenient and rapid processing for your clinical analysis needs.

Synchron CX7 Chemistry Analyzer

Beckman Synchron CX7 DELTA Clinical Systems are designed with comprehensive capabilities, allowing instrument technicians to take full control of testing procedures. CX7 chemistry analyzers can deliver 900 test results in an hour. Reliable STAT analysis of critical menu chemistries including Glucose, Calcium and Total Protein are produced in less than a minute from sample aspiration.

The CX7 DELTA analyzer is a suitable instrument for workstation consolidation with advanced sample and data management capabilities, 33 onboard chemistries and a test menu which offers more than 80 chemistries to choose from.

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Beckman Synchron CX7 Clinical System Specifications

Sample Volume 3 ul to 693 ul
Sample Capacity Up to 63 samples,
Continuous loading
Program Capacity  
Throughput 900 max. tests/hour
Height 69 in
Length 74 in
Width 30 in
Weight 1135 lbs (515 kg)
Power Supply 120/220 V, 50/60 Hz

Beckman Coulter Beckman Coulter BCKCX7