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Beckman Optima MAX Ultracentrifuge Series

  • Microprocessor control
  • High torque direct drive induction motor
  • Very smooth acceleration/deceleration profiles for gentle sample handling
  • Ultra high run-to-run reproducibility
  • Imbalance tolerant drive means eye balancing of your sample tubes
  • Fast instrument set-up

Product Description

The Beckman Optima MAX Ultracentrifuge Series is microprocessor-controlled tabletop systems that generate high centrifugal forces for a variety of high-speed applications. The Beckman ultracentrifuge design features a variable-frequency induction drive and rotor overspeed identifcation system. The Optima Max centrifuge or Optima Max Personal also has a program memory that can contain up to ten ?ve-step programs, and offers a choice of acceleration and deceleration rates.

Easy to operate, the high-speed MAX Series can be employed for a variety of applications, including pelleting membranes, proteins, viruses or DNA and also separation of DNA or proteins on density gradients. The Beckman Optima MAX Ultracentrifuge runs at 5,000 to 130,000 rpm in 1,000-rpm increments, while the more economical Beckman Optima MAX-E ultracentrifuge operates at 5,000 to 100,000 rpm in 1,000-rpm increments.

Due to their direct drive induction motor with thermoelectronic air-cooling and moisture purging vacuum system, the Beckman Optima MAX and MAX-E centrifuges are considered to be low maintenance systems. When placing the rotor in the chamber, the Beckman systems are automatically secured to the drive hub through the self-locking rotor attachment, which is audible by a click sound.

Both the Beckman Optima MAX centrifuge and the Beckman Optima MAX-E centrifuge cut down the centrifugation time of applications and allow quick access when placed on a laboratory bench. The structure of the system also helps avoid longer transportation time for the benefit of more sensitive samples.

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Beckman Optima MAX Ultracentrifuge Series Specifications

Optima MAX Optima MAX E
Set Speed 5 000 to 130 000 rpm in 1
000-rpm increments
5 000 to 100 000 rpm in 1
000-rpm increments
Speed Control Actual rotor speed, ±50 rpm of set speed
Speed Display Actual rotor speed in 100-rpm increments above
5,000 rpm and 10-rpm increments at speeds below 5,000 rpm
Time Set time to 99 hours 59 minutes
Time Display Manual operation: indicates run time remaining
Programmed operation: time remaining in step
Temperature 0 to 40°C in 0.1° increments
Temperature Control
(after Equilibration)
±2°C of set temperature
Temperature Display Actual rotor temperature in 0.1° increments
Ambient Temperature Range 15 to 35°C
Humidity Restrictions < 95% (noncondensing)
Vacuum Below 10 microns (1.34 Pa)
Acceleration 10 acceleration profiles — 9 slow rates from 0 to 5 000 rpm
followed by full acceleration to set speed; or maximum acceleration
Deceleration 11 deceleration profiles — 10 slow rates from 5 000 to 0 rpm,
including coasting to a stop without brake;
or full dynamic braking from set speed
Dimensions (H x W x D) 58.4 cm x 73.7 cm x 58.4 cm
(23 in. x 29 in. x 23 in.)
Weight 99 kg (217 lb)
Ventilation Clearances
(Sides and Rear)
7.6 cm (3.0 in.)
Control Panel Coated polycarbonate
Top Surface Urethane paint
Other Surfaces General purpose paint
Electrical Requirements 90–110 VAC, 12 A, 50/60 Hz
100–130 VAC, 12 A, 50/60 Hz
198–254 VAC, 6 A, 50 Hz
Maximum Heat Dissipation
into Room under Steady-State
1750 Btu/hr (0.5 kW)
Noise Level 0.91 m (3 ft)
in Front of Centrifuge
< 60 dBa
Installation Category II
Pollution Degree 2

Parameters of Product: Centrifuge Specs
Manufacturers Beckman Coulter

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