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Beckman Access 2 Immunoassay System

  • Touch-panel user interface
  • Display of real-time rack and run completion time, and test information
  • User-defined reflex testing
  • Runs on Window® NT software
  • Unique network and sample handling technologies
  • On-board refrigeration for reagent stability
  • Continuous random access and STAT capability
  • Remote system support capability

Product Description

The Beckman Coulter Access® 2 Immunoassay System offers new levels of efficiency in the laboratory. Equipped with an intuitive user interface, the Access® 2 system boasts of an enhanced sample handling technology and an extensive menu. Combining the broad menu of high quality assays from Beckman Coulter with productivity-enhancing features provide any laboratory with flexible options for immunoassay testing.

Operators can view rack and run completion time in real time onscreen, as well as view the information on requested tests, any pending work and results. Users can also check the status of required supplies. Repetitive and manual processes are eliminated with user-defined reflex testing on the Beckman Access® 2 immunoassay analyzer. The Access® 2 analyzer system also allows users to link up to four systems through one LIS interface, enabling information-sharing of test results and test requests.

This Beckman Coulter system offers on-board refrigeration which enhances reagent stability. Twenty-four assays with continuous random access and STAT capability are also supported. Remote system monitoring is possible by checking on instrument event logs, QC information and calibration data via a modem.

Designed for greater efficiency, the Beckman Coulter Access® 2 Immunoassay System offers a streamlined workflow with flexible sample handling. The immunoassay system incorporates magnetic particle separation with chemiluminescent detection technology for rapid assay processing and a wide analytical range.

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Beckman Access 2 Immunoassay System Specifications

H x W x D 47 x 99 x 61 (cm)
18.5 x 39 x 24 (in)
Weight 91 kg (200.7 lb)
Samples per Hour 50-100, test-mix dependent
Sample Volume 10-220, analyte dependent
Performance Time 15-75, analyte dependent
Random Access Yes
Autoflushing (Testing Range, MMOL/L) Yes
Display 15 in, touchscreen
Test Capabilities
Antianemics B12, folate, RBC folate, ferritin 1
Antiasthmatics Theophylline Also Intrinsic Factor Ab
Chemistries Digoxin, AccuTnI (TpnI), myoglobin, CK-MB 2
Endocrine function LH, FSH, prolactin, estradiol, progesterone, AFP, total bhCG w/onboard dilution, cortisol, urine cortisol, testosterone, unconjugated estriol, DHEA-S
Diabetes Insulin Also Triage BNP available exclusively from Biosite or its authorized distributors for use on Beckman Coulter immunoassay systems. Triage and Biosite are registered trademarks of Biosite, Inc.
Thyroid markers TSH, FT3, FT4, total T4, total T3, T-uptake 3
Tumor markers PSA, AFP, CEA, free PSA, OV monitor (CA 125 antigen), BR monitor (CA 15.3 antigen), GI monitor (CA 19.9 antigen)
Immunoglobulins Total IgE, specific IgE Also thyroglobulin and thyroglobulin Ab
Toxoplasma Toxo IgG, toxo IgM
Viruses Rubella IgG {& IgM, HBsAb, HBcAb, HBc IgM, HAVAB, HAV IgM, HBsAg," HBsAg confirmatory ; HIV 1/2 and HCV assays available through Bio-Rad 4
Others Chlamydia Ag, chlamydia Ag confirmatory, urine chlamydia Ag, hGH, bone alkaline phosph Available outside the USA only.

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